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Private Practice SEO: What You Need to Know

In private practice, SEO is vital to understand. Here’s what you need to know about search engine optimization for your business. As a private practice owner, you know that getting high-quality traffic to your website is important for new referrals and your professional reputation. But you may have been tempted to think, “I don’t have […]


Private Practice Owners Must Avoid This Practice-Killing Marketing Error

For Private Practice Owners, These Deadly Sins of Marketing Could Topple Your Profitable Business  Private practice owners often do it all. In addition to clinical work with patients, they juggle office management, administrative tasks, payroll, and customer service. Marketing might seem to fall pretty far down on the list. Without effective marketing, though, your private practice […]


Why Your Private Practice Needs Serious Help

If Your Private Practice Management Approach is “Going It Alone,” You Will Almost Certainly Go Down With the Ship. In this society, we get a lot of messages about independence and self-reliance. You may have imagined that running a private practice would be a wonderful experience of autonomy, as you make every decision about how […]


December to Remember

3 Simple Steps That CAN Turn $167 into $$,$$$ In Practice ONLY During The Holidays Did you know that the month of December can be one of the most profitable months in your private practice?  In fact, my clients and I have used some very basic strategies for many years, which have produced phenomenal results, […]


Chiropractic Practice Building Success Rests on Understanding Psychographics

In chiropractic practice building, knowing how to address both demographics and psychographics can make all the difference in marketing to the right patients. Are you clear on the difference between demographics and psychographics—and how to use both in your marketing strategy for chiropractic practice building? Here’s a breakdown of these basic concepts and how to […]