About Perfect Practice Web, LLC

Our Team has over 30 years clinical and private practice expansion experience. CEO Patti Hayes has a very diverse business background with 30 years of running highly successful private practices including one of the first in nation multidisciplinary treatment centers.

Having personally studied with high level business and financial consultants as well as Forbes Top 50 Social Media & Revenue Strategists, she now delivers all this as CEO. Patti Hayes and the team she began continues to expand, serving practitioners worldwide to help sharpen both their clinical and business skills.

Our systems of teaching and learning, especially The Lifetime Private Practice Bluprint are legendary. We first implemented EMR into Private Practices in 1999, and in 2005 began the first 24/7 web-based trainings for Private Practice Owners.

Today, we provide our clients with the CEO training, practice expansion systems, tools and lifestyle designs for those devoting their lives to preserving and expanding private health care.

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Patti Hayes, CEO, Perfect Practice Web, LLC

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