Building a Winning Team

In my practice, I’ve found there are five keys to building a winning team.

1. Identify all positions that need to be staffed or outsourced
2. Find and select appropriate candidates
3. Establish management policies and guidelines for staff
4. Create clear written duties and checklists
5. Create exact mechanisms for dealing with staff negligence, noncompliance or willful disregard

Establish management policies

The establishment of sound management policies is a critical step. The creation and maintenance of an effective policy and compliance manual is crucial. Do not neglect this very important part of the team building process.

This manual will ultimately become your practice playbook. Have you ever known a top-notch team or organization to function at high levels without a system of policies, directions and basic rules? Your office is no different. The clearer your manual is, the better the results you will obtain from your team.

Many practitioners need assistance with this task. There are some well written resources, templates and components you can purchase online. It is vital however, to ensure that your manual and policies comply with state and federal employment law.

Visit your own state’s website to ensure that you understand local labor laws, wage guidelines, and anti-discrimination policies. And have a good employment attorney in your state review your policies and procedures. Any costs spent here will be paid back in spades. Many employment law firms can design an excellent manual on your behalf.

Once you have your preliminary manual, review it to ensure it meets legal requirements for hiring, nondiscrimination, time off, etc. Assemble your final manual and put it accessible locations in the office. Ensure that all employees have access to the manual, placing one at every workstation.

Create clear written duties and checklists

Each position within your office should have not only a written position description, but also a written checklist of responsibilities.

Record every task and responsibility, from how to open the office locks, safe, and phone system, all the way through to end of the day responsibilities. The safest assumption when writing these is to assume nothing. The more detail oriented you are when going through this process, the less the chance there will be for future employee misunderstanding and error.

There are many excellent templates and resources available online that you can use as a starting point, but the key to success will involve customization, so that your documentation exactly matches your requirements. This information should then be integrated into your office handbook.

Create exact mechanisms for dealing with staff negligence, noncompliance or willful disregard

Ensure that you have clearly written policies, procedures and mechanisms for dealing with staff negligence, noncompliance, or willful disregard. These topics must be fully covered within your policy and procedure manual. When developing your practice policy, tap all of the knowledge and resources available to you. Obtain the advice of solid legal counsel, and have them review your end product before distilling the information to your staff. This can save you countless legal headaches in the future.

By adhering to these five basic tenets, you can begin building a winning and successful team

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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