What Is Your Private Practice Direction?

As a private practice owner, your job is to behave like a CEO of a major corporation.

Do you have a solid game plan for your private practice? If not, I guarantee you your patients know it.

You see nothing succeeds like focus, direction and purpose. Too often though even highly educated private healthcare practitioners behave like “a deer in headlights”.
Most successful practitioners have daily implants, as well as contingencies to account for unforeseen situations. For example, what do you do if your chief staff person suddenly becomes ill or unable to function, possibly leaving you stranded? Do you have a contingency plan? People ready in the wings you can call upon? The same thing goes with your finances. Are you setting aside enough cash to account for unforeseen events and circumstances?

And what about your most important asset, your emotional capital, is your next vacation well planned? Are your goals highly visible, giving you something to work very hard for on a day-to-day basis? Do you leave the office feeling rewarded, like you’ve put in an excellent day?

Does your daily compensation foster this, and make you a better private practice owner? If not, I guarantee you patients sense distress and it is not helping your practice.

Worse yet, is to spend months or years, with lack of clear focus and purposeful direction. Too many private practice owners pay a huge price for this.

So what is the solution? The solution is to start to behave like the CEO of a major corporation. You need a solid game plan, goals, direction, and coaching. As a private practice owner, this really is your only job.

This is why having a solid team, and coaches on your side can make a tremendous difference.

Look at any CEOs Board of Directors, or any athletes coaching staff.

You see what I mean? So how about you?

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