“Oh My God, Now What Do I Do?”

admin-ajax“Oh my God, now what do I do?”

Doctor, if you have asked yourself this question even once in the last week, something is incorrect, broken, or missing in your game plan.

If you have paid attention to Perfect Practice Web over the last several years, you have built your successful practice. And indeed your personal life as a fortress, and have been largely unaffected by the events of recent years, except to be a sounding board for those who reach out, and want to know why YOU are so happy.

Your practice is strong, your investments are worth more not less, and you lead your team with eager anticipation of the future by example.

If not though, a really critical appraisal of EVERY system in your practice, and probably personal life, is long overdue. You should be doing this every six months at a minimum anyways.

Here are some key issues to consider right now:

Have you made your patient care plans simple, and understandable by your patients? Or are they confused, and when it comes time to pay, say all too often: “Let me think about it” or “I can’t possibly afford THAT right now.” And you watch them drive off in a better car than yours.

Are you asking your patients what they want, and going out of your way to provide it?

And your team

Are you reassuring, or frightening? Are you complaining about how much money you either don’t have or lost, or are you supportive, and doing everything you can to ensure them a bright future? Do they absolutely know where they stand on everything about your practice??? Or, are they spooked because you are taking calls from your broker when with patients?

Are you making them feel confident, or scared??? Do they talk about you, and in what vein? Are you working every week to make their jobs easier, or more difficult and confusing?

Lets talk money

Are you spending money on your continued growth and education, or did you axe that too? Are you fully engaged in continuous self-improvement? Books, CDS, pod casts, teleseminars and webinars? Have you lost tens of thousands trying to do multidisciplinary, or do you actually care for your local MDs, RNs and their children too?

Oh, by the way, you get most of their specialty referrals too.

And what about marketing? Still losing money on the yellow pages and newspaper ads, or does YOUR name come up when they google their health concerns? Is it YOU on the local radio health shows, or your competitors? Is your website up to snuff? Are there ways on YOUR website to capture New Patients on-line? The Same Day? Are you targeting your marketing, or broadcasting dollars into the wind?

While writing “Living and Practicing by Design”, little did I know at the time how quickly much of what I wrote about would be a bullet proof strategy against the ever-changing economic and practice landscape.

Doctor, if you find yourself asking “Oh my God, now what do I do?”, then you need to create and practice all of this in your own life.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!

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