The Next Set of Private Practice Roadblocks




This week in our Perfect Practice Tips series we’ll continue examining the six most common roadblocks to successful private practice management.  Let’s talk about the next two obstacles doctors frequently encounter:

Roadblock Three: Reimbursement Issues

You cannot survive if you fail to pay close enough attention to your Finance Department. If you choose to participate in any third-party plans, you must thoroughly understand what constitute covered and non-covered services, exactly what the expected reimbursement will be, and how long it will take for you to be reimbursed. You also need to be sure that your participation in these plans will not automatically obligate you to participate in other plans without your knowledge and consent.

Don’t make the mistake of failing to put a system in place for collecting payment from self-pay patients, or for collecting on non-covered services. This is where you really need to do your homework. You must thoroughly understand what patients today are looking for in a private practice owner, and you must know what services they will gladly pay for.

Roadblock Four: Patient Report of Findings and Care Plans

This is another potential obstacle.

Significant attention must be paid to how the patient report of findings and care plans are presented to the patient and administered. Right from the start, your entire team needs to communicate to the patient that compliance with your recommendations is essential if the patient expects to achieve a good result. Simply, truthfully and thoroughly explain to the patient why you have suggested a particular treatment plan.

Thoroughness during the patient’s first visit has a huge impact on a patient’s future compliance. Perform any essential diagnostic tests before treating your patients, regardless of third-party incentives not to do so. Patients and their families long remember the doctor who makes an accurate diagnosis, and who presents a care plan that gets the patient better within reasonable a time frame and facilitating the patient’s financial obligations.

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