The Final Roadblocks

Doctor sitting behind her deskThis week in our Perfect Practice Tips series we are examining the final roadblocks of the six most common to successful private practice management.

Roadblock Five: Failing to Give Patients the Big Picture

A component of practice that often seems to be forgotten today is ensuring that you are giving patients the “big picture” of health. In order for a doctor to be effective, the doctor must live the message they are attempting to communicate. This includes practicing and advocating lifestyles and systems of health care that promote long-term health, fitness, overall life satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Some of these components may include the practice of well patient care, dietary supplements, massage, fitness programs and physical therapy. The doctor and his or her team must be effective at sharing this extraordinarily valuable information with their family and friends, children, and the community at large.

Roadblock Six: Failing to Make Time For You

One of the biggest factors that leads to burn out and dissatisfaction among doctors in practice stems from not having enough time away from the office.

The reality is that maintaining a private practice is extremely physically and psychologically demanding. It taxes your mental and emotional capacities. There is no way that you or I will ever perform to our fullest potential if we are not rested and completely healthy.

So here is the big idea: Strive to become more efficient in every aspect of your practice management.

Your goal should be to increase your efficiency and effectiveness in the office so that with each passing year you see more patients in less time.

This will allow you to take a more balanced approach toward work and personal time. You can then pursue other interests in your time off that help to keep you fresh and passionate about what you do, for many years to come.

Keep in mind that failure to think critically about all of these issues and their long-term impact on your personal goals and lifestyle will have a significant impact on many areas of your life.

This is why I continually advocate that the doctors of the future must continue to Practice by Design™, not by default.

If you would like to know more about our how to create a Practice by Design, please visit our website!

Dr. John Hayes, Jr.
Perfect Practice Web

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