The Big Picture for Private Practice Doctors

Today, let’s focus on the big picture.

Doctor, is your practice solely dependent upon a single stream of income? Have you already designed other components of practice that will bring additional revenues your way? Some key examples include nutrition, decompression, specialization in certain conditions, etc.

And what about your referral systems?

Are you dependent upon a single source of professional referrals? Do you have a fully functional professional contact system in place so that you cannot only target groups, but also the appropriate subgroups? When was the last time you contacted them with regard to all the new developments in your practice, breakthroughs in patient care, etc? When was last time you had lunch with some of these professionals? Communication is key here.

And what about referring to their practice?

Do you make consistent and appropriate professional referrals? If not, it is difficult to expect the same in return. Grow your network to grow your practice.

Next, it has been said many times that failure to plan is just like planning to fail. Have you posted an annual calendar? Noted all the services that you plan to implement as well as all your personal time off? Do not forget the daily activities, and marketing programs that you know you will need to be engaged in to truly prosper.

Finally, go back and review my recent posts about building and mastering your dream practice, and measuring your success. In those posts, we provided several tips to help you use your time and efforts more efficiently, and to organize and grow your practice.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!

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