Private Practice and the New Word of Mouth Process

Team Building: An Essential Skill for Private Practitioners

Private Practitioners Must Hone Team Building Skills to Survive In Today’s Healthcare Climate!

If you understand just one concept about running a successful private practice, this is the one to get.

It’s not enough to hire an office full of individuals with skills and talents. Everyone on your staff must not only get along, but learn to function effectively as part of a high-quality and efficient team.

Of course, the most important member of your team is your practice manager, who has to coordinate and motivate the rest of the team from day to day. This individual sets the tone for the entire practice. Private practitioners absolutely have to cherry-pick a practice manager who can transmit the vision of the practice to be carried forward by all team members.

What’s more, team members must trust each other, and private practitioners must trust every single team member. If there is not an atmosphere of trust in your office, your patients will know—and they are unlikely to keep coming back to a private practice environment full of tension.

This trust is built in many ways, but trust is something that must be established from the top down, beginning with private practitioners. As the leader of this team, you need to set very clear expectations but also allow for reasonable flexibility in meeting expectations. The goals established for your team should be measurable, both individually and as a group. Private practitioners need to find tangible ways to reward the meeting of individual and group goals.

A vital aspect of team building involves private practitioners and their ability to convey the values of the practice as a whole. Hire staff who share your own values and will support other team members in keeping to these principles in day-to-day operations. Give trusted team members autonomy in carrying out the principles.

For private practitioners, there’s never been a better time to take your practice to the next level.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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