The Keys to Targeted Marketing

Marketing your practice effectively is something that requires considerable thought, and careful design. In private practice, targeted marketing can be one of the major issues and choke points faced by practitioners looking to grow their practice. So first, consider who your ideal patient is. What are their characteristics: age, gender, health issues, demographics…?

If you’re not filling your practice with your ideal patients, then you must take a hard look at that before you go any further. Really take your time on this one.

Surprisingly, very few private practice professionals have even identified their ideal patient, and wonder why they are frustrated or unrewarded financially in practice.

Take a very thorough look at the demographics of your area. If you have been in practice a year or more, run these numbers from your own software. Then, a really good exercise is to get a large local map, circle a radius around your office and have your team-marketing assistant use pushpins to plot where your patients are coming from. You could do this with a web based tool as well, but I find a large paper map has the biggest impact on effective planning. When it’s completed, post it on the wall right next to your marketing calendar.

This exercise allows you to really see where your people are coming from. Most every practitioner who completes this analysis is astounded by the findings. The next step is to identify clusters. Are these neighborhoods, industries, and certain areas of town? What are the common links, if any? Spend time on this as it speaks volume about your reach, and the effectiveness of your overall plan.

Once your practice is filled with your ideal patients, you need to identify their common characteristics or commonalities. They read certain papers, have common interests in the community, and quite likely are involved in certain activities. It could be PTO, athletics, church, or maybe the annual fair committee. Don’t neglect local radio or TV, or industrial connections either.

Herein lies the most powerful tip: identify your target market, and then promote yourself and your practice directly, professionally, and consistently.

Don’t be a shadow! Get involved in activities. Sponsor events. Help out when they need it most. Go out of your way to be helpful. These activities, combined with effective and coordinated targeted marketing, will reward you for years to come.

If you’re not filling your practice with ideal patients, be sure to effectively use every tool you can to change that. So much is available at little or no cost to you at all. We can even design a custom multi media campaign for you as well.

Once your vision is clarified, fully incorporate it into every step of your marketing campaign. In doing so, you will never have a shortage of new patients, in any area or economy!

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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