Rich Doctor Syndrome Starts Here

Are You Financially Independent Doctor?

A lot of would-be medical and healthcare students think just becoming a doctor will make them rich. Though the profession will pay you well as compared to other professions, it takes a lot of money to get there also. That’s money most of us must pay back, unless you’re lucky. That cuts into the dollars made for several years.

Aside from that, the costs of running a practice and keeping everything afloat can be quite burdensome as well. All these components can eat into your take home pay and lessen all worries of falling into the “rich doctor” category.

So, what can be done about that?

If you or others you know are struggling to make the types of salaries you should be making, perhaps there is something more you can do. There is one requirement to though. You have to be willing to learn and act.

After all, we work hard, we learned hard and we deserve to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

SO, if you’re ready to do something about it and take your life to the next level. If you are ready to enjoy your life with some of those extra things (boats, vacations, hobbies, etc.), then we want to help you.

It’s not a dream or a fantasy.

Living the life of means you desire is possible! We offer you step by step instructions and all the tools on how to run your practice to maximum efficiency. But, more than that, we help you in learning how to step beyond the norm and make yourself a thriving practice that earns you the living you deserve.

Here’s the best part. You can do this without having to work 90 hours a week!

If you’re ready, let’s just get to it. After you’ve grabbed a copy of  Giant Steps to Success. Give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help you get going. 339-793-8610

We look forward to hearing from you!

Giant footprint in sand
Giant Step to Your Success

STOP just getting by! It’s time to do something about it. You can increase your income exponentially!


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Private Client Coaching

Have you ever thought about having a private client coaching session for a couple of days? If I told you that doing so could change your private practice and your life, would you think about it then?

Okay, that’s when you stop and ponder the idea. If you’re perfectly satisfied with where you are in your practice, in your life, career, and success, then maybe you don’t need to read this. If all those statements don’t apply to you…guess what? Yep, you need to read this.

I’ve been where you are right now. Knowing there was more, I wanted it. I wanted to take care of my patients and do better for them. But, I also became a doctor, so I could have a certain standard of living and provide very well for my family. I wasn’t there yet.

That’s when I began to study the business aspect of things. I sought out mentors, so I could learn what I didn’t know. And boy did I find out how much I didn’t know! That took a lot of time though. Hunting, searching, and seeking out the right people.

You don’t have to go through all of that though. I’ve already suffered the pain of the hunt and search. I’ve done the research and I’ve become my own proven success.

Our Team will help you to do the same with our private client coaching.

Learn how with private client coaching

We are not going to lie to you though. It’s not instantaneous and you will have to do some work to make it happen. It’s more about realignment with where you really want to go and application of the correct business growth acumen.

You can do this! The most important thing is that you are ready, and you have the desire. The rest as they say, “is in the bag.”

Let us show you how. And teach you how. Come share some time on Nantucket Island or in Boston with our team and we will get you on your journey.

Go ahead and select your date and time here and I’ll help you get started. Just scroll down to the register now button. See you soon.

Decisions & Plans Create Reality
Private Practice Blueprint

Do you hate going to the office, but love your patients? Do you fear burnout? It’s time to do turn your life and your business around.

Let us help you learn how to do it right!

Checkout your blueprint at The 12 Secrets of Private Practice Mastery to get started on your new life!

The Perfect Medical Practice Is NOT a Dream

Having the perfect medical practice is something we all strive for. Unfortunately, too often, we are overwhelmed and let down by what were our initial expectations and our visions. But why is that?

Why do we settle for less than what we started out after? So many of us dream of owning our own private practice, the equity is ours and we’re our own boss. Well, according to Medscape, in  2016, we hit an all time low of physicians owning equity in their practices. Only 47.1%. Wow, what happened?

Did we forget about ourselves somewhere along the line. Yes, we want to treat patients and help them get better. But, what about us?

No, I’m not being selfish and I’m not trying to tell you to be. I’m being realistic. In order for us to take care of our patients in the best way possible and give them our all for the time we are with them, we must take care of us.

That said, another reason we became doctors was to make a good living. There’s nothing to be ashamed of there. We work hard, study hard and pay a fortune to get the education and experience. Therefore, we should be able to benefit in the long run.

So, back to the perfect medical practice idea. What is it? If you could set a plan in action to accomplish it, would you? Are you ready to take that step and do the best for you, your family and your patients?

Meet the Perfect Medical Practice Platform

We’ve put together exemplary education program that will walk you through the step by step to your perfect practice. Don’t worry, it will fit into your schedule.

You have 24/7 complete access to our Perfect Medical Practice which includes all the video trainings and e-books. You can work your way through as fast or as slowly as you want to.

Begin applying the principles of:

  • Starting with the end in mind
  • Technology and data management
  • Staffing
  • Marketing
  • Getting paid
  • And much more

Let us help you all the way through to your perfect medical practice. Don’t waste any more of your time. It’s finite for all of us so don’t keep waiting. Realize your dreams now!

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Partner With Your Patient To Win

What does being a partner with your patient have to do with winning? Here’s some food for thought.

Did you know that building a professional practice is not the easiest thing to do? Depending on where you are at in your journey, you’ve probably already figured that out. We’ve discovered the best way to win in professional practice. Whether you are in a partnership or a private office, it doesn’t matter. When you partner with your patient(s), success is the ultimate win. But, what does that really mean?

What does it really mean to partner with your patient?

Honestly, that’s a lot to think about. Obviously, they are seeking your guidance, help, and support. But, what are you doing?

As a professional caregiver, you are likely here for two reasons.

  • Help people
  • Earn a living

Okay, yes, there are other reasons like pay back student loans, mortgage payment, etc. But, all that rolls into the earn a living part.

So, if the common thread between practitioners and patients is “help,” then figuring out how to cultivate that into success for both parties will equal success

Partner With Your Patient For Success

There are a lot of components that go into success for sure. Certainly, planning, goal setting, advertising, marketing, patient experience, etc. must all be considered. The list is long and tumultuous. Especially, if you don’t know how to maneuver the waters.

Here at Perfect Practice Web, we’ve perfected the art of partnering with our patients. Furthermore, we’ve perfected helping other providers to learn this as well.

Consequently, we’ve taken the ultimate challenge and found out what success means to our patients. After all, patients equals success to us. But, what equals success to them?

Bluntly stated, patient success begins with better patient outcomes. You can read a little more about that here, if you would like, but here’s the nuts and bolts of it.

If you want to be successful, you must have good/great patient outcomes!

No, we’re not being redundant or coy. We are just laying out the facts, the way we’ve discovered them.

Now the next question, what can you do about it? How do you best partner with your patient and “help” you both to achieve success. Here a few ideas:

You might be wondering how all this will help you to partner with your patient. We challenge you to take a look at how to get help and being honest with your patients. By going beyond, taking that next step and building partnerships with your patients, you will take your patients, your team, and yourself to the next level.

What’s Your Next Step?

Leave your contact info HERE and we’ll be happy to have a team member contact you ASAP.

We’re waiting to hear from you.

Customer Service in Private Practice

Practice Success Begins With Better Patient Outcomes

You might think it’s a no-brainer that improved patient outcomes leads to practice success. On the other hand, we don’t all think alike and sometimes things get overlooked. Today, I’d like you to consider how critical your patient outcomes are for practice success to occur.

We’ve written quite a few articles on how to build and sustain a successful private practice. It would be difficult to say one piece is any more important than the other, but it’s a guarantee that patients are the life blood. Without them, we have no practice and without new patients we have no growth and success.

Here’s one avenue through which better patient outcomes can lead to practice growth:

  • Happy patient equals talking/sharing patient
  • Patient talks equals referrals equals more patients
  • More patients equal growing practice
  • Growth equals practice success and financial Success

Yes, the finances are important, after all, we have bills to pay, but that’s not the only type of success that’s important. As healthcare stewards and those bound to the oath of caring, our patients are important to us. So, what can we do to assure better patient outcomes?

Before we go further, let us assure you we’re not saying this is easy. Most of us have had those challenging patients that don’t or won’t follow a treatment regimen. However, by creating an environment where patients feel empowered and strengthened by their involvement and their choices, you can increase the likelihood of better patient outcomes.

Four Steps to Practice Success

Here we’ll list a few ways to help make this a reality. In our next few posts, we will provide a more in-depth look at four steps to private practice success. Click on the links to read more.

These four approaches to your practice success, along with marketing, will take you further than about anything you can do. It does take insight and foresight to engage and be successful incorporating new ideas and practices. However, it’s not quite so difficult when you have others to talk to and bounce things off of. We welcome you to join us!

Look forward to hearing from you soon! Just click HERE to get started.

Your Own Outcomes Study

When Was The Last Time You Conducted Your Own Outcomes Study?

Last week, I wrote extensively on really taking command of the direction of your practice, and your life as a powerful economic stimulus. In reality, it’s all you have in private practice. There are some really simple ways to do this, but before we talk about that, here’s a reality check-up.

If I told you right now there are doctors like you doing 7 figures, mostly self-pay patients/year, would you believe me?

If not, why?

Likely, it’s a very limited worldview on what you can really accomplish with all the correct systems and tools. And far too often, this is so defeating if it takes place early in ones career.

If I also told you Concierge MDs are collecting 10-15k per patient per year cash, and these same patients gladly pay, and in fact request that type of healthcare, and also pay health insurance premiums, what does that say about how you value, and price your services?


Well, here is another huge economic management tip.

Regular benchmarking of your results against your goals helps put you at the head of the class.

There is a real easy way to get this done. This tip alone might put another 10K in the income column this month.

The first thing to do is take your list of basic daily, weekly and monthly targets. Higher performing CEOs/CFOs do this daily. Use your white legal pad, but better yet for this one is an Excel spreadsheet (because you can graph it easily and tweak it in all sorts of ways).

My basic daily targets are body weight, miles run or cycled, hours skied, services and income, dollars saved. Yours might be totally different, as it should be. You really can do some incredible things with these numbers, but resist that temptation in the beginning.

Put your goals or targets (BOLD) on one axis, and simply enter your results on another. Save room for notes, photos, and maybe even video clips.

Next, post this somewhere you can see it all the time during the day. Admittedly in the office, maybe it’s in your portfolio, which you pull out during the day, or simply, hidden on your desktop or handheld. Just be sure to look at it at least once daily.

Here’s why this is so powerful. Because it’s a glimpse of right now.

Many people who have trouble setting goals find new life with this method. It keeps you in the moment as well. For us type A’s, it can actually be a better way of dealing with “Futurizing”, which some might say is an unhealthy psychological trait.

But to make sure your not deluding yourself, if you use daily targets, they must be the correct fraction of the weekly/monthly/yearly whole.

Just by doing this daily exercise, some great things start to happen. Many times, I have found breaking so many things in life down into daily pieces really simplifies accomplishment and helps move me forward instead of stalling or going into overwhelm.

Now, you are forcing yourself to look at your goals. In fact, now you have actually set goals!

Next, you are inspecting what you expect, automatically!

And finally, you are really taking advantage of a tremendously powerful principle.

That which can be measured, like your results, can be improved!

And herein lies the most powerful tip of all.

Continuing to improve your results and changing your targets to suit your desires in any endeavor is the ultimate in human accomplishment.

This single hallmark of a powerful life is shaping and molding that which we can control. It is creative energy harnessed. It is fulfillment vs. frustration. Happiness vs. resentment and regret.

When combined with all the other key components of Living and Practicing by Design™, it adds a totally new dimension to who and what you can become.

Let Our Team Help

What are the Impacts of Your Daily Private Practice Routines?

Why is it that so many find private practice so difficult?

By our nature, most healthcare professionals are focused and organized.

If we weren’t, we never would’ve passed all those exams, and made it into private practice in the first place.

doctor looking over papersSo why is it that so many find private practice so difficult?

The reality is, private practice today requires skillsets far beyond those we received in our professional training.

Seriously, think about it; marketing, staffing, hiring, and firing. Not to mention expanding your technical and professional skills as time goes on.

Then there’s compliance, the ever-increasing body of rules and regulations.

But there is a way out. And that is to make sure you develop—and follow—a powerful daily professional routine.

For example, we need to have dedicated time to return patient calls, as well as those from referring professionals. Review examinations, treatment plans, proper diagnoses, and coding.

You also need the scheduled time to do things like clean your office, maintain your equipment, etc.

Perhaps most important of all is to make sure there is a continuous stream of new patients and returning former patients to the practice.

Is your job as the private practice owner to make sure that all of these things are implemented, and then followed? 

You are also the one to feel the full burden if this does not happen as it should.

So why not start today by working on your daily practice routine. Work on keeping it externally powerful—simple, yet effective.

This is why it is so important that you as a private practice owner work daily on identifying, learning, and then mastering your CEO organization and skills.

Remember, this is where we really can help!

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