Are You Protecting Your Online Presence?

The details of your online presence have a strong influence on long-term sustainability for private practice owners.

You already know that a strong online presence is essential to bring in new referrals and keep current patients engaged.

But have you ever thought about what patients see when they Google you? Rest assured, it’s more than just your private practice website.

And since the Web is changing and shifting all the time, online reputation management isn’t a one-time activity. You’ll need to set up regular monitoring and be able to address concerns quickly.

There are two aspects to online reputation management for private practice owners. The first aspect is your business name and any reviews, advertising, and content related to it. The second aspect is your own name as the private practice owner and clinician.

Both aspects function as a part of your brand messaging. And private practice owners have to take an active role in making sure that every aspect of brand messaging out there is an exact match for their marketing strategy.

There are companies out there who will handle things like online reputation management for private practice owners. You may wonder why it would be worth the effort and dedicated time to do this task yourself.

First of all, you should know that the two most effective ways to control your online reputation are both free and accessible to anyone. Since Google is by far the most popular search engine out there, private practice owners can use Google’s tools in two ways to monitor and update their online reputations.

To know exactly what people are seeing when they Google you, use the free online tools found on the Google dashboard. Private practice owners can use this tool to search for their own names, their business names, and the SEO keywords they are using in their content. You can also set up a Google alert so that you’ll be sent an email every time one of your search terms shows up online.

Feeling overwhelmed by the complexities of online reputation management and other marketing conundrums? We help private practice owners like you get their footing. Take a look at 12 Secrets of Private Practice Mastery.


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It’s no secret

It’s no secret. I’m a play junkie. If I don’t go outside and play, regularly, I get cranky, stale. Daily work becomes harder, stiffer, less fluid. You probably are the same. But maybe it’s been far too long since you let yourself find out.

We’ll here’s a whole new reason to go play.

People love it! No Kidding. Play, travel and just getting out and doing something you love makes you real, keeps you pleasantly conversant, and someone they really want to emulate.

The problem is for too many who practice we become far too rigid in daily and especially weekly routines.

Over achievers like health care professionals put their inner child last. In fact, we are some of the most under-recreated people ever. Big mistake. Illness, divorce, depression are far too often the price.

Now, I am giving you a whole new reason to disconnect, and kick up your heels! Regularly.

It will help you build an enormous practice! Why? Because you can use your play to market yourself while feeling more rested, creative and inspired to be your very best.

Yes, that’s right! Especially now a days while it’s so easy to create media. Web Cams, iPhones, you name it.

I still remember years back when we sent out a reminder card to patients. I uploaded an image of me sitting on my motorcycle with a caption “Time to ride on in?”

Patients loved it, and it was one of the most effective recall pieces I have ever done. Keeping lots of fun photos of my adventures and likes around the office for them to see too was always a big hit.

Here is a strategy any practice owner can use. Do this right, your practice grows, as does your wealth account.

Step 1-
Make sure your practice is set up around your life, NOT the other way around! What do you like to do outside of practice? Where do you want to live, travel to or experience? If it’s been a while since you’ve done this, take your time, and be honest with yourself. Be sure to write or dictate all of this.

Step 2-
Start recording snippets of your adventures in media- a smart phone is ideal because you can take decent photos, video, heck even record great conversational sound bites. Of course, it’s even better with a good camera.

Be sure to keep these devices handy all the time. Some of my best marketing pieces and images have come from weekend ski or motorcycle adventures, and of course my vacations. The more impromptu the picture or video the better.

Next, Make storage and organization of your files easy.

Step 3-
Be sure to use this material creatively. Put photos in your office news, flyers and especially on the web. This is why Facebook and other social media can be so powerful. It helps make you a real person.

Step 4-
Get some help. Too often, there is no solid marketing strategy, steps to follow or calendar for team members to focus on.

You’ll do far better to have a staff person help you with the implementation, but you’ve got to have a strategic plan they can follow. This is one of the very first things we teach in our Platinum sessions.

Step 5-
Carve out regular time to make sure you are living your dreams, and your practice is supporting it! This is crucial. It’s also why administrative and creative time must be on YOUR checklist, every week, and if you really want to accelerate your personal growth, every day!

This is living and practicing by design, not default (which gets stressful and ugly quickly).



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Your Next New Patient

If you have been in practice even a few short years your next “New” Patient is someone you have treated before.

This simple truth is missed by so many. People are much more likely to see you again, if you did a good job initially. Indeed, it then becomes possible to have a closed practice.

Too often, traditional marketing ignores this fact, with too much focus on new clientele, while doing nothing to embrace the ones that already know, like and will very well support you for years to come.

What the simplest solution?

Three things.

1. First, tell patients how much you appreciate them. Always say “thanks for coming back to see us again!”

2. Next, send them a Welcome Back letter. We use just 3 paragraphs, and print them automatically on every returning patient.

3. Lastly, there is no substitute for frequent contact.

Do those monthly newsletters on and off-line!

Make it simple.

After many years, and testing everything from fancy color to ultra-modern, I will tell you home grown, written at least in part by you is best.
Most patients want to hear more about you!

Here’s some more tips to use every day.

Maintain a good email list and use it at least twice monthly. Your patients are checking in with their web-gurus, even their health ones daily, sometimes more than once. How often do they hear good advice from you?

Again, it does not need to be a slick piece, just get it done.

Do phone recalls often! Go through your list, and ask your staff to call in and check in with folks who you may have not seen in a while.

Ask them to schedule a follow up visit with you. Even if they are OK at the time of your call, they remember this.

Do more elaborate recalls at least twice a year. Multi step, multi-media, simultaneously.

Do appreciation events, at least a few times a year.

And so on.

You get my drift.

So what usually fails here? No organized, autopilot systems to make all of this happen each and every day. No way to follow who comes from where, and what’s working well, and what’s not. No delegation or daily follow through.

In our experience, many practices could turn this free advice into significant increase in revenue in six to twelve months.

Most won’t.

How about you?

These are just a few of the basic things that build a solid practice, and may very well put your entire family into a new home.
Do not neglect these simple steps to a phenomenal practice.


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Times are Never Good or Bad, Only Different

Times are never good or bad, only different. Sage advice from a master, spoken many years ago. I am not sure exactly who, or I would give due credit.

And you know what? It’s very Darwinian, especially in private practice today. Only the fit will make it. And come out so much better. I know this as I speak with practitioners all over the USA.

This is a great time to reinvent yourself personally, spiritually, and refine your practice make-up, vision, goals, and especially your systems.

So much is happening so fast right now. Just ask your patients. Ask them what they need. What they want from you to achieve their own objectives. Is it a knowledgeable practitioner of natural healthcare?

By asking this, you find out how good a job you have done educating your patients. Or not.

Do you get many professional referrals for a diverse range of conditions? What about true, integrated care for your patients? Is your therapeutic arsenal expanding? Does your message make it through all the clutter?

Tough times need accurate answers, and clear honest appraisals.

To that end, we need to also know what your needs are. For example, staffing, marketing, and especially technology systems that are constantly being fine-tuned.

Collections systems, therapeutic delivery to patients… This is Future security, healthier patients, and our own future fulfillment.

It’s the antithesis of Future Shock. It will be essential to survival. I can’t say it any stronger.

Out of all this, is emerging an entirely new model of practice, and practice development.

More on that to come. Stay tuned.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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It Just Takes Guts

Guts and determination. Powerful words. But why should they be used in the same vein as healthcare? Because of the world we now live and practice in it just takes guts to say what you believe is best for a patient, on so many levels.

It takes guts to say what you believe is best for a patient, on so many levels.

It takes guts to buck the status quo with our patients and their families, to tell them the newest designer drug is not going to cure their obesity or poor health habits.

Contrary to the incessant drug company advertising, life will never be all be flowers, endless orgasms, smiles and happy fields of dreams due to the newest ED med or antidepressant, if patients don’t make some critical life choices for themselves.

It takes guts to tell it like it is, to really separate the valid life advice from the endless barrage of crap hurled at patients day after day.

This however, I believe can be the only true way out for all doctors in private practice today. And a big win.

For everybody.

Society will win. Not all of it, of course but much bigger segments.

Crisis based health care expenditures would drop like a stone if we helped to prevent, or at the least reduce the complications from heart and vascular disease, depression and chronic back pain, diabetes to name only a few were to decrease even just a little.

And doctor, if you are in alignment with my philosophy, continuously developing your perfect practice, you are already well on the way to making this a reality.

And what happens if we all practice this way?

Once again physicians of all disciplines become the real decision makers. We decide collectively to continue to be teachers, and leaders by example. Refuse to cave to third party based interests and administer only to the patient’s needs first. Not the insurance companies, drug companies or hospitals.

To truly stay Commanders of Change™ will takes guts.

Simply, just being good doctors first, one patient at a time, regardless of which initials you have at the end of your name.

But, to do this for any period of time requires very powerful support systems behind you. It can be stressful, unfulfilling and eat you up otherwise.

First of all, your beliefs (guts and determination) and personal lifestyle. Beliefs about what constitutes true health, self-reliance, responsibility and dependency.

And money. What is your care and advice really worth? Do your fees reflect this?

Secondly, a staff who supports your vision.

Lastly, powerful and extraordinarily effective systems and technology.

But doctor, none of this can ever work without a powerful philosophy that you can communicate.

Patients must know what your about. They need to feel it. I’m not saying you should be flamboyant or radical.

In fact, this turns way too many away from you whom might otherwise benefit from your care. But I am saying you must clearly stand up for what you believe.

Never forcing, but presenting, supporting and helping those patients and staff who can align with your purpose and vision.

And gently getting the rest out of your life.

It just takes guts.

But, here is the reward. In the long run, you will be much happier, more prosperous and healthier yourself. You will help tons more people. Have a much broader reach.

And patients, and indeed entire communities who are wanting to personally pay to see only you.

Yes, even in today’s world.


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Back-Up Systems, Sea Tow and Your Practice

I Hope you had a great weekend, doing at least some time with whatever it is makes you feel great. One day not that long ago for me though was all about back-up systems, just like we need right now in practice!

It is just so important to be mentally rested to be on top of your game in the office, not to mention for all the other responsibilities you share too. This of course is a key to living by design. To practice hard, I passionately believe docs need to play hard.

So, on this end, after a terribly busy week, Thursday night I get fishing invitation from a close friend, now retired from practice about 3 years. So, I spent an hour prepping tackle that night and then head for the Cape (Cape Cod).

Something about gorgeous spring days and boats that really gets me going. Just love the wide openness and quiet, really helps clear my head.

Anyhow, I slept like a baby, got up not crazy early this time and headed out with visions of incredible spring fishing.

But alas, the universe had other plans, and Jim and I find ourselves alone for 3 hours as we await Sea Tow. Now, this really could have turned out very badly. We had been a couple miles offshore before we headed up-river, where the boat just dies. Nothing. No power, ignition, and controls dead. The freaky part is we drifted onto a dock we were able to tie up to. If it had been a half hour earlier…well, probably would have been calling the Coast Guard.
This time, we were lucky, but also prepared. Plenty of clothes, radios, EPIRB, cell phones, and up to date Sea Tow Memberships.

So, here is my takeaway. A powerful practice and adventures that serve you while helping you serve humanity is not about risk avoidance, but risk management. You see it takes risks to grow, and learn in practice, and all of life. It is risky getting out of comfort zones.

Just like when you first put your hands on a patient as a student, that first office patient has an adverse reaction, you get a subpoena, whatever else comes your way, sometimes practice can be a very scary too.

But when there are systems to fall back on, redundancy, back-ups, safety nets in place, and someone to call when you are totally stuck, or need a “tow”, you’ll sleep much better, and operate at a much higher efficiency too!

The Most Dangerous Number

One of the biggest issues I observed this past week especially has been the ignoring “The Most Dangerous Number” – ONE!

One way to help a condition…

One way to manage a team…

One way for patients to pay…

And the most dangerous to professional longevity?

Having just ONE way to practice, or worse, thinking ONE strategy will work all by itself!

This is no more apparent than with websites or social media. These are all great tools, but setting them up and then expecting ONE to deliver all by itself is pure delusion.

You see, websites especially require “traffic”, web visitors you direct there by multiple methods. Here’s just a few sources of website traffic to think of as you start your week…postcards, newsletters, recall campaigns, Twitter, Facebook, AdWords, Newspaper, radio, TV…how big is your list?

This is how you need to be thinking of orchestrating your message with frequency (at least something every day) and relevancy, not BS patients can see right through…

So, do you need help with your strategy?

Let us show you the proper tools and systems to make it happen!


Patti Hayes is CEO of Perfect Practice Web, and has 30+ years experience in practice management.

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When Patients Say “No, Doctor”

How do you react when patients say “No, Doctor”. This is always a big question in medicine, getting patients to follow advice. In drug treatments it’s typically dosing compliance. In any other therapy where patients are typically treated intensively at first, it’s in-office and home care. But there is a bigger issue we need to be teaching our students early on.

Getting any human being to do anything they don’t fully understand or have faith in is futile.

This fact drives many people crazy. As Michael Gerber asserted first in the “E-Myth” many years ago, people are basically unmanageable. But what are manageable are results, systems and processes. They are also measurable. The good news is that just approaching your practice and indeed your life like this frees up enormous amounts of emotional energy.

Still, though, we are dealing with people, not hardware.

There is one thing that almost every human being responds to in kind, and that is stress free relationships with other humans, based upon trust. And of course in medicine, trust means expertise, experience and reassurance.

It’s in simply recognizing and fixing this in any healthcare scenario that builds huge patient bonds, and so often markedly better results and compliance.

So, how do we continuously build trust?

By making frequent connections on a basic, human level.

Be a better physician by using multiple avenues. Phone calls, supportive group “visits”, newsletters, handouts, Christmas Cards and more.

This is also why effective and professional usage of the social media can be reassuring and soothing when patients need it the most.

And you know what?

This approach always works no matter what the size of your practice, hospital or group organization.


Patti Hayes is CEO of Perfect Practice Web, and has 30+ years experience in practice management.

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Learning to Meet Patients Where They Are

Learning to meet patients ‘where they are’ in life some days is more challenging than making an accurate diagnosis. Despite being one of the most important tasks as a physician, some either don’t learn this skill or shy away from it. And we certainly don’t as a rule do a good job of teaching this skill.

Experience dictates when physicians personally reach out to really help people at a very personal level, most patients respond in kind. Most never forget your goodwill and gestures to help them regain their health, and yes their lives.

As docs though we can only do this by being 100% on purpose. This of course ois a project of great self-care and stress reducing lifestyles.

Where it’s possible, having a “menu” of services to choose from can make this entire process a whole lot easier. This can include anything from a basic option from brief urgent care, then limited but more comprehensive options all the way up to and including very elaborate treatment plans.

When we can approach care planning like this it helps put patients at ease, and allows them to fully understand their choices. And more so the impact of their choices. But more so this type of approach tells patients we are willing to meet them where they currently are.

So how can we adopt more of this style of care today? Start with a staff meeting. Listen intently to what patients are asking for.  Come up with new ideas, and really engage patients where they are. Be sure you keep records of your feedback and patient input to use as a tool for teaching our students.

The physician of the future practicing like this could then be much more like the old country doctor of the past.

Become that trusted advisor in your own community and you’ll never go wrong.


Patti Hayes is CEO of Perfect Practice Web, and has 30+ years experience in practice management.

Our team may be reached for a free 15 Min “Strategy Session” if you simply Leave Your Info HERE – just be sure to leave your name, phone and time zone and we’ll get back to you 9-5 EST Monday-Thursday.

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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Private Practice – Part 2

We’re sharing some additional new year’s resolutions that can help to make your private practice be the most successful it’s ever been.

1. Be Accountable to yourself

Hold yourself accountable for the business of private practice because no one else will.  Learn to lean on your team which at a minimum must include an Attorney familiar with state board regs and employment law, your accountant and and first line asset protection via your insurance agent. But treat yourself fairly.  Don’t dwell on some simple little thing that didn’t get done or exaggerate it’s importance.  You’ll destroy any progress you’ve made if you get bogged down.  Learn from the experience and move on.  Enlist other professionals in a “watch dog” group to keep each other on track.

2. Invest in the communities that support you

Get out and get involved in your community.  So many times, it’s not what you know but who you know that can be a great building block for your private practice.  People like to refer others to people they know and feel comfortable with.  What better way for your community to feel comfortable with you than to help improve the community for everyone?

3. Promote your practice often and well

When you’re busy just being a private practice healthcare professional, it’s easy to forget that you have to promote your practice, too.  If you want to grow, you have to bring in new patients.  Sit down now and create a marketing plan for the New Year and then schedule it into your calendar so you follow through on it.

4. Learn to delegate more

Resolve to let go of a little more control.  Trust your staff or outside experts to do what you’re paying them to do.  You don’t have to do it all.  Delegation is the key to keeping your work life and your personal life in at least some sort of balance.

5.  Weekly business planning is a must

Success is not a “wing it” proposition.  In order to be consistently successful, you have to plan.  And you have to stick with your plan.  That doesn’t mean that it’s carved in stone.  A business plan is a living thing.  Work on it weekly to adapt to what’s actually going on in your business.

6.   Don’t skimp on things that will make you more productive

When you’re operating on a tight budget, it’s easy to just make do with what you have.  But ultimately, what you spend in using more efficient staff and equipment will do nothing but strengthen your bottom line.  Keep that in mind when planning your capital expenditures.

7. Be a perpetual student

You don’t have to break the bank on continuing education but you do have to continue to learn.  Business today is changing constantly – not just in medicine but in marketing, technology, accounting, you name it.  Resolve to learn continuously to take advantage of the latest trends that will build your practice with the least effort.

 8. Have more fun with your practice!

Concentrate some of your marketing efforts on things you really enjoy.

If you’re a runner, sponsor a marathon.

A golfer? Sponsor a local tournament for a charity.

Have you dreamed of being a writer? Start that blog you’ve been thinking about and start expressing yourself.  Your audience is probably full of potential patients.

9. Above all else, have a good time with whatever you do.  Your passion for it will come through and speak volumes to your current and prospective patients.Marketing can be a pain but it doesn’t have to be.  You may think you don’t have time to devote to it but you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much time you find for it if you actually enjoy what you’re doing.

10.  Write the most applicable from this list of resolutions down somewhere…in the back of your Day Planner…your smartphone..into Outlook…your iPad calendar…

Just the act of writing them down and reading them daily will place them in the front of your subconscious mind and you’ll be amazed at how much you can actually accomplish and how fast. Resolve to make this the year that you really learn to live and practice by design!


Patti Hayes is CEO of Perfect Practice Web, and has 30+ years experience in practice management.

Our team may be reached for a free 15 Min “Strategy Session” by texting 339-793-8610 – just be sure to leave your name and time zone and we’ll get back to you 9-5 EST Monday-Thursday.

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The New Years Vision

What Does The New Year Hold for Private Practice Owners?

Before the start of the new year is often the best time to reflect, and then look forward. After all, it’s kind of like Spring, where we get “New Chances”. Chances to compound upon the wisdom of our years, do some things better, do others differently while eliminating both stuff and activities which no longer serve us.

Make no mistake about it the impact of our choices seems to magnify with each passing year. And this is increasingly more apparent in a world which holds little room for error.

So the question I have for you is what will be different for you and your practice in the New Year?

Your health, focus, lifestyle, and private practice business activities? New experiences which help you grow? The question to ask yourself today is will you take advantage of all the new opportunities that are before you? Will you spend all the time needed to be working on and improving both your own lifestyle and practice and thus the quality of your life and those around you?

As difficult as it may be at times, I respectfully submit there is no better time to be in private practice. Your compassion, your skillsets and yes just the ability to be 100% patient focused while delivering all this as a physician truly is a priceless gift.

To pull this off though really requires attention to your own design otherwise you’ll be forced to live with default as too many do.

So please take these next few days to reflect and really enjoy whatever you like to do this time of year.

Jot some notes about what’s working for you right now and what isn’t. But most off all, just be sure your plan is laid out before January 2nd.Hopefully the answer to all of these is yes!

My team and I stand ready to help you!

Let’s make this New Year your best yet!

PS for those of you are ready to ACT NOW, our team is available until noon EST on Tuesday to help you make a fresh start!

and thus the quality of your life and those around you


Patti Hayes is CEO of Perfect Practice Web, and has 30+ years experience in practice management.

Our team may be reached for a free 15 Min “Strategy Session” by texting 339-793-8610 – just be sure to leave your name and time zone and we’ll get back to you 9-5 EST Monday-Thursday.

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Life’s Sanity Mantra

The most important revelation with regard running a practice and indeed our lives in an efficient and happy manner, really comes from Michael Gerber. I call it life’s sanity mantra.

Michael first said in his landmark book The E-Myth ‘…we cannot manage people because people are basically unmanageable’.

Give up trying to manage your children, give up trying to manage your spouse, give up trying to manage your staff, give up trying to manage your patients.

The biggest mistake in training students as well as some “accountable care” in my opinion is they teach we can actually “manage patients”.

We cannot manage patients behavior. 

We can only manage processes. 

We can empower them to make good choices, but you cannot manage them.

Understand and continually remind yourself of these facts just as I have to day after day after day. Remind yourself of this the next time a patient does not take your advice. If something is not working in patient care, it’s often something wrong with your systems.

But here is the good news: You can design, tweak, invent, enforce your practice systems and indeed your personal life.

You can control how much money you save, you can control how much you exercise.

You can control how much time you devote to education, vacations and so on and so forth and you must accept responsibility and operate your life under this premise if you’re  going to be happy, and successful.

To this end, lets never stop helping one another and radically improve healthcare in the process!


Patti Hayes is CEO of Perfect Practice Web, and has 30+ years experience in practice management.

Our team may be reached for a free 15 Min “Strategy Session” by texting 339-793-8610 – just be sure to leave your name and time zone and we’ll get back to you 9-5 EST Monday-Thursday.

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How Your Staff Answers The Phone

In private practices especially you can tell so much about a doc and their practice, based just upon how staff answers the phone. Now of course, this is something you should check regularly and do with kindness.

Timing, attitude, how questions are handled are all simple keys.

You as a patient would ask are they organized? Are all their tools obviously at their fingertips? Do they know the docs scheduling and policies, preferences and style?

In fact, if your practice is not doing great at the moment, ask three friends to anonymously call your office. Two as new patients with no health insurance.

You should listen in. You may however be shocked.

When it comes to collections at the counter is it “Here’s your options Mrs. Jones…?” Or more like “Oh that’s OK don’t worry about it…”

Here’s my point.

Those who have profitable and fun practices, and indeed personal lives continuously aim to master each area of private practice!

No, it’s never perfect, and always requires measurement and attention, but none-the-less the all of this can be simplified and ensured it’s in place via policies, procedures and some very basic training.

Clinically, it’s also very important to your patients!

This is also why your staff must be darn good on the phone, so patients know to expect clinical excellence, which is not as common as you would think.

Every day your patients should be saying, “That was the best exam I have ever had in my entire life!”


Because on each patient visit insist on a thorough pre-exam presentation by support staff,  yes even interns, so you can without distraction perform the best physical examination and most attentive physicians visit they have ever had, hands down.

To learn more about this style practice and get your free “Fast Track Guide” go HERE



Patti Hayes is CEO of Perfect Practice Web, and has 30+ years experience in practice management. Our team may be reached by calling or texting 339-793-8610

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Are Poor Staffing Issues Killing Your Private Practice?

Are poor staffing issues killing your private practice? Quite possibly. Here’s exactly what to do about it.

Much of what we see creating unneeded stress in private practices today is a direct result of the owner physician not having an adequate staffing plan in place.

Specifically, it’s the absence of a clear, frequently updated, written staffing, compliance and HIPAA plan every staff person reads, signs, and then redoes this periodically.

The best staffing plans have significant added details by you then reviewed by counsel before you ever present to your team. You must take the time to add what’s important to you on a day to day basis. This includes things like promptness, attire, time off, dishonesty and often forgotten issues like office cleanliness.

Despite your best intentions, when dealing with staffing issues it’s not a question of if they’re going to occur but when.

I can cite numerous examples, and you can too. Some can tank your career and your future as a physician. Implementation of staffing and compliance plans is your first line of defense when it comes complete satisfaction in private practice. The more proficient you become as the CEO of your practice the simpler it becomes. It also becomes easier to spot prospective employees who may ultimately become trouble.

It’s very important for you as the practice owner never to turn this responsibility to anybody under you.

It’s perfectly okay to have a subordinate help you in the hiring, staffing and training processes, but it’s ultimately your responsibility to make sure that all the systems that you need are in place. You must also be sure that all steps are taken explicitly and completely to make sure the best team members are hired.

You, as the private practice owner must always have the final say. It is up to you to decide how to run your office in your practice. Never forget that these basic but key decisions are likely to determine your long-term success or failure in private practice.

If you need help with this, our team is here for you, including the legal and policy development colleagues to help you put all of this into place. Just let us know!


Patti Hayes is CEO of Perfect Practice Web, and has 30+ years experience in practice management. Our team may be reached by calling or texting 339-793-8610

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Harry Truman

Harry Truman’s Way

What’s in Your Library? What’s in Your Head? How about Harry Truman’s Way.

Probably tons of books, videos, audiotapes and CDs, if you are like most docs.

A bigger question is which ones have the biggest impact on you and why?

For the last few months, one of my recreational reads has been “Truman”, by David McCullough. All 996 pages. Now, biographies can be laborious, but this one captures the detailed essence of one of the men to make multiple landmark decisions that changed the face of the planet forever.

The thing that is perhaps most striking to me is that he embraced a very simple lifestyle, despite everything else, even while in the White House. He never lost his sense of values of family, focus, true friendship and physical fitness. In fact, today, we might call him a fitness freak, (except for the shot of bourbon following each mornings exercise session).

He frequently retreated, much to the chagrin of the Secret Service to hideaways, really cherishing his time in Key West. Loved his time off.

And then in the office, hit it hard, often accomplishing way more than those around him thought possible. Worked incredible stints. Pissed a few people off with his habits, more than once, usually those who couldn’t get out of their own way.

He was doggedly persistent, blowing away entire teams of staff with his energy, purpose and convictions. “Give ‘em hell Harry!” was way more than a slogan.

The chapter on the 1948 presidential campaign is worth reading by itself. This was a very driven man, who despite incredible odds, and adversity, brutal media swipes at him, pulled off one of the biggest upsets in history, while Dewey his opponent destroyed himself, little by little each week.

So what’s my point? Several takeaways here. First of all, he knew what he wanted. Never stopped till he got it. NEVER! He stayed incredibly fit, well into later life. Knew when to back away, and frequently mentally retreated to refresh his mind and spirit. Incredibly organized, scheduled, focused.

Sound familiar? It should, as these are the same characteristics of the happiest, most successful men and women throughout history.

And of course the very same philosophy Perfect Practice continually asks its members to learn and adopt.

What exactly are the steps? Here’s how Harry would do it in the perfect practice platform.

  1. Find out FIRST exactly what you want. And this of course changes throughout life. Regularly seek the guidance of your coach, and your soul.
  2. Unshakeable data management and retrieval systems. Use all the most modern and fastest tools available to the biggest advantage, to save tons of personal time.
  3. Staffing. No BS here. Only hire appropriate staff members. Lovingly guide those around you with vision and purpose, eliminate those who can’t or won’t.
  4. Let everybody know just what you are about, and why. Gently describing benefits of doing things your way. Not paying attention to those who reject your philosophy.
  5. Austerity. Accumulating eventual wealth, even having miserably failed or bankrupt (like Harry).
  6. Continually reassess, adjust and fine tune. On a regularly scheduled basis.



Patti Hayes is CEO of Perfect Practice Web, and has 30+ years experience in multidisciplinary practice management. She may be reached by calling or texting 339-793-8610

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About That MBA

About That MBA For Physicians

About That MBA For Physicians. Lets face it; most of us do not have or want MBAs.

Time after time direct care practices have proven an MBA is not necessary. Yet modern practice demands business skills sets. The reality is if physicians simply adopt this mindset first, then use sound business strategies there would be many more successful and direct primary care doctors.

The most important focus in our experience is systems management and implementation. Key ones are staffing, finances and your practice platform. This is where the biggest breakthroughs in productivity as well as practice satisfaction (and sanity) really take place.

Every facet of systems management is key. Having a simple, proven practice design to start with though makes this far more simple than you may have been lead to believe.

The real greats in any business will make better decisions based upon the performance of their systems. This is readily observable in marketing, patient processing and human resources.

And you know what? It is a big job.

But also it is extraordinarily rewarding to orchestrate the entire process, and reap the emotional and financial rewards.

Why not find out if this style practice will make you thrilled to be and stay in medicine?

Common Courtesy

The Magnetic Power of Common Courtesy

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to St.Louis. This really turned out to be a fantastic trip! I got to mingle with other docs and to spend additional time developing plans for the future of Medicine. Now, I spent four years in the Midwest, but admittedly it’s been some time. I had forgotten how common courtesy seems to permeate the entire culture of the Midwest, in stark contrast to those of the Northeast.

Again, I don’t think this is just perception, because last week when I related my experiences to various colleagues they reported similar encounters. One even called us Yankees the “Grunt Society”.

Upon arrival at my hotel, I asked the concierge if Busch stadium was within walking distance. Fortunately, not only was the stadium within walking distance, but so were the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame, the famous Arch and National Park, and riverboat dock. Fortunately, it was a warm sunny afternoon so I ventured out for about two hours.

My first stop was the stadium. I spent considerable time admiring the architecture and how well it is cared for. As baseball stadiums go, this one is magnificent. While wandering through the stadium store, and wondered if my friends would consider me a traitor for bringing home an Albert Pujols T-shirt.

Next, I ventured down towards the river. Along the way, I had the opportunity to stop for a cup of coffee. Now, this was similar to any ordinary coffee shop in any city however the counter clerk could not do enough to make sure I was completely happy and satisfied. I was actually blown away by his full attention to sure that everything was just right.

I spent some time walking through the National Park along the river. Having not been to St. Louis in 17 years, I had forgotten what a nice place this is!

On the way back to the hotel, I stopped at a small city supermarket, and had a very similar counter experience. I’m beginning to think, “…is it just me? Am I more relaxed than usual, or is this place really special?”

The next day, hotel restaurants were naturally jammed during the breaks so I ventured outside and down the street once again. I stumbled upon a local restaurant in the business district, with the line almost all way out the door. I decided this would be a great place for lunch. Not only was the lunch fabulous, but also the service was absolutely impeccable. Everybody from the front counter down to wait staff wanted to make sure everything was just right, and I was completely comfortable.

In retrospect, it seems like the entire five days was magical. Not only did I get to spend some time with very special people from 20 different countries, but also was made feel right at home everywhere I went.

There is of course, a message here. People remember how they are treated at a more emotional level than they do the actual product or service they are seeking.

Therefore, it is no secret that this type of attitude, a feeling from the top down in your office has substantial impact on patients to return, refer their family and friends. and take care their finances.

This of course is a key element of Living and Practicing by Design. As much as possible, procedures must remain patient friendly. They must be easy for the staff to execute. They must be clear, and easy to understand. Patient benefits must be stressed, but above all they need to be conveyed and delivered with exceptional courtesy.

So, I would recommend that you share this message with your staff as I have. This would be a good opportunity to review point of contact systems and procedures, especially telephone and front desk procedures. Spend some time here, watching for tone of voice, and attitude etc. Anybody who is not completely focused on the patient in front of them needs to be reminded that a simple courteous attitude of service forms the basis of every encounter.

It is of course extremely important to hold your ground on policies and procedures but to convey them with genuine passion. Again, by making the benefits obvious to your patients, your entire practice benefits.

Needless to say, this is an extremely powerful time a year to reinforce these concepts with your entire team. We suggest you weave this through all holiday events you may have planned for the rest of the year.

Also, this is the perfect time to examine your own management systems, to measure their own user-friendly characteristics. Ask staff for input in terms of fine-tuning communications with the entire team for better execution.

Really take some time with this. Incorporate some of these simple ideas into policies and procedures, and regularly check to make sure they are being completely implemented. You will reap the benefits many times over.

Changing Spaces: Time to Really look outside your practice?

Let’s look outside your practice.

Last week we talked about the key parts and your accomplishments in creating a compelling future. Let’s continue that though today with an eye on reality.

Having just spent the better part of the week working with aggressive entrepreneurs in private healthcare I can tell you that everything we have been saying since 2005 about technology integration into daily practice  is being accelerated at an even more rapid pace.

Here’s a fact. Patients ages 55-90 are now the biggest social media and internet “geeks”.

They love someone, they post it. But piss them off, and look out. And you need to exactly how to protect yourself and what to do if this happens to you.

So, I URGE you right now to get your copy of “Google Bomb“, from Amazon, or locally and devour it.

Doctors, the future in private practice (like I warned in 2005) are implementation of advanced technology, and affordable staff to help get it all done.

Period. That’s why I founded PPW, llc. And that’s why we work with docs like you every day.

Have a great day, let’s talk soon!


For further information contact us at Perfect Practice Web

I have been asking myself much more…

Recently, especially as the private healthcare environment harshens, I have been asking myself much more often about the real differences between those who are wildly successful, and those who struggle, year after year in practice.

This really hit me hard after I re-listened to our most recent webinar on Living and Practicing by Design for prospective members. Frankly, I sometimes wonder what makes those who take our programs, implement and follow them and become wildly successful different than those who don’t.

Frankly, It hit me again just this morning after a fabulous weekend, why anyone would even expect to be successful, or better yet become truly independent, without careful attention to every aspect and area of business, success and personal achievement.

First, I thought about this at some length on my way home early this morning, put it aside until a little later on, then the differences became readily apparent. The answers came to me with blinding simplicity. So, I made a list of the top three reasons for failure to thrive in practice.

And you know what? It’s just three things!

Can you guess what these might be? I am going to discuss these in detail next time!

You can also join us 24/7  HERE

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Common Courtesy

Private Practice Mandates

Private practice mandates an entirely additional set of skills today. More so than any other time. Not instead of but in addition to your healers skills and instincts.

And honestly, failure to realize this, or especially educate our students creates every unpleasant and often painful experiences ranging from unrest to bankruptcy.

Interestingly, with patients we tend to be extraordinary analytical, follow algorithmic, logical sequences, and frequently just one or two steps at a time.

It’s this thought processes that lends itself to accurate diagnoses and rapid, critical action.

But private practice demands an entirely different set of skills, especially when marketing, finances, and staffing are concerned. Let alone technology, human resources, your web-facing efforts, and wealth building.

In fact, modern private practice demands an entrepreneurial mindset. The days of just being a great doc without , marketing and management and exceptional business skills is, with rare exception, over.

This is why despite everything else you may do, you have got to have an excellent business training to fall back on again and again.

This is exactly what we have been doing for those of us in private practice since 2007.

For further information including a free “Fast Track Guide” leave your info at at Perfect Practice Web


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