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Private Practice Mandates

Private practice mandates an entirely additional set of skills today. More so than any other time. Not instead of but in addition to your healers skills and instincts.

And honestly, failure to realize this, or especially educate our students creates every unpleasant and often painful experiences ranging from unrest to bankruptcy.

Interestingly, with patients we tend to be extraordinary analytical, follow algorithmic, logical sequences, and frequently just one or two steps at a time.

It’s this thought processes that lends itself to accurate diagnoses and rapid, critical action.

But private practice demands an entirely different set of skills, especially when marketing, finances, and staffing are concerned. Let alone technology, human resources, your web-facing efforts, and wealth building.

In fact, modern private practice demands an entrepreneurial mindset. The days of just being a great doc without , marketing and management and exceptional business skills is, with rare exception, over.

This is why despite everything else you may do, you have got to have an excellent business training to fall back on again and again.

This is exactly what we have been doing for those of us in private practice since 2007.

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Times are never good or bad..

Times are never good or bad, only different.
Sage advice from a master, spoken many years ago.
I am not sure exactly who or I would give due credit.

And you know what? It’s very Darwinian, especially today.

Only the fit will make it. And
come out so much better. I know this as I speak
with doctors all over the USA.

This is a great time to reinvent yourself
personally, spiritually, and refine your practice
make-up, vision, goals, and especially your

So much is happening so fast right now.

Just ask your patients.
Ask them what they need. What they want from
you to achieve their own objectives.

And by asking this, you find out how good
a job you have done educating your patients.
Or not.

Times are never good or bad, only different.

And for these different times, there is Living & Practicing by Design to guide you every day.

We hope you’ll join us!

Private Practice Business Plan?

Every Private Practice Owner Needs a Business Plan

Well, if you’re in private practice that of course qualifies as a business and you do need a plan.

Business plans are not meant to be permanent. In fact now it is necessary to redo your plan at least every six months and probably more like 90 days!

But what exactly comprises a powerful business plan? Most people think it would include the essential things such as location, income projections and so on. Of course these are necessary components of any business plan.

Too often private practice owners like all business owners forget this by not outlining the most important things first.

So what are these?

The most important things include clearly identifying your target market.
Who exactly is your ideal patient? Where do they work? What are their hobbies? What is their income range?

Because a private practice that does not focus on this will soon find itself on the short end of profitability and yes most importantly their owners personal happiness and satisfaction.

The private practice of health care is distinctly different from the public one.

You made the choice when you went into private practice. So I know you should see can clearly identify who your ideal patient is the rest is really very easy.

Once this is done you need to make sure that your practice remains attractive to your ideal patients in all its ways shapes and forms.

For example this needs to include not only how your staff appears, but also the office decorum right down to the magazines you have any reception area.

And I will submit to you that these items are much more important than any other single item.

Take a hard look at this. It’s never too late. If you’re not 100% satisfied with direction your practice is heading it’s time to turn around.

You can do this, let us help