Where Are all My Patients?

Too many private practice owners make excuses.

It’s a new year. Do you know where all your patients are? Now, if you did effective marketing in December with your holiday events, plus lady looking over papersyour newsletter with a spectacular offer for former and new patients lands in their mailbox today, you have nothing to worry about.  Your day is already stacked and you are busy until 7 PM. Congratulate yourself, read no further and have a great day.

But for too many private practice owners, the reality is excuses are made. “It’s the economy, people have no money, insurance sucks. People don’t really want what I have to offer.” And on and on it goes.

So let me ask you something. When was the last time you asked your patients what they really want from your practice, what are they looking for from yourself in terms of your skills, what about other services?

Have you embraced a spa-like mentality like we advocated first back in 2005? Have you made sure everything remains warm and inviting despite the stresses of the outside world?

If you have successfully done all these things, I congratulate you you’re hitting the ground running. But if anything we’ve said here this morning is not reality for you, you’ve got some catch-up to do.

You see, we have tremendous tools with which to help private practice owners capture the realities of 2013.

But it is totally up to you as the private practice owner to choose your direction and make sure that everything that needs to be implemented has been done.

Oh, and one last thing.

YOUR patients are talking to me on Facebook. All day long, sometimes far into the evening. The amount of private messages and phone calls and email I receive from neuropathy and chronic pain patients around the world, has literally exploded. Inside 90 days.

And they ask, where are you? I think that’s a great question.

If you are our client, not to worry. We’ve got you covered with a great website, social media presence, mobile app, and radio show, 24/7 messaging system, and the list goes on.

But you must also be FULLY engaged. We held your hand, and showed you exactly how.

As one of my patients recently said, “…my pain never takes a holiday. Where IS everybody?”

Patients need to see and feel the person behind the media. This is what makes your interaction not only in your practice but in the social media like Facebook so critical.

Like it or not, it IS the single largest communication platform the human race is ever experienced.

Of course we have your back, and will lead the way. But to fully accelerate your private practice results, people need to FEEL who you really are. On a very large-scale.

I hope you’ll spend some time answering how to do all this better as you begin your day.

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You can’t help patients who do not want to get better.

You can either follow the crowd or you can make a decision right now to set yourself apart and live and Practice by Design™.


Recently, I posted an online survey of medical physicians indicating a high percentage of practitioners are very dissatisfied with the practice of medicine.

Live by Design

Live by Design

I have always maintained that it becomes very dangerous for society to undermine the efforts of those very special people like you who dedicated their lives to helping other people.

Think of all the years in high school, undergrad, the sleepless nights, the student loans, etc.  To be faced with one hurdle after the other, so much of which is totally unnecessary is having a very negative effect on healthcare, and now of course our patients.

Indeed, healthcare has become a very stressful business.

The reality is those of us in private practice have a choice.

You can either follow the crowd or you can make a decision right now to set yourself apart and live and Practice by Design™.

Now, I’m not saying it will be easy. In fact initially one the most difficult things you will do is to set yourself apart.

Patients may initially be shocked.

So be it.

Those who understand and get it, “it” being that your primary job is to help them reach maximum levels of health and well being are those you should choose to surround yourself with everyday.

But where do you begin?

Quite simply start the process by radically simplifying every procedure and system in your practice.

Make sure your staff is able to communicate to patients in a very direct, polite and simple fashion.

Put the final treatment decision-making in the hands of the patient while always engaging in good clinical practices such as informed consent.

But never, never compromise yourself for patients who choose not to accept responsibility for their own health and their own lives.

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Your Outlook Will Determine Your Income in Private Practice!

Too many private practice owners do not make a deliberate attempt to develop and then expand their focus.

One of the things that is very difficult for private practice owners to grasp is how important their daily vision, and their outlook both on the world at large and their private life has on the growth and expansion of their business.

Screen Shot 2012-08-28 at 4.16.12 PMIt has been said many times, and proves true time and time again that what you focus on becomes your reality.

Unfortunately, too many private practice owners do not make a deliberate attempt to develop and then expand their focus.

Do you have an outlook that enhances both income, your quality of life, but most importantly your overall satisfaction with private practice?

I’m not saying this is easy. On the contrary.

This is work, and sometimes can initially be extremely difficult.

But the good news is once you’ve established good executive skills and habits, it becomes far easier to expand and grow personally and professionally. And this is where the real results come from in private practice.

One of the reasons we choose to work for ourselves is that we are fiercely independent. In fact, I submit that most of us are unemployable in any other venue.

So here’s what I recommend help develop your outlook.

If your choice is to stay in profitable private practice, then you must make a deliberate daily attempt to both expand, and refine your outlook.

For example, who is your ideal patient, how old are they? What is their annual income? What other activities and hobbies do they have and which social clubs today belong to? Do your marketing messages convey your outlook?

Your outlook must express itself clearly both in how you manage your practice, as well as how you market your practice.

Always remember, your outlook determines your image, and your image determines everything about your private practice success!

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Management Styles and Private Practice Owners

The biggest advantage of developing a management style as a private practice owner is that it does add predictability to your practice.

One of the most difficult things to both teach and learn in private practice is the development of management styles.

hibiscusFor most of us in the private practice of healthcare this is not something we are taught in school. This makes your job even more difficult.

Quite frankly, that is why so many clients seek us out. Essentially, all successful private practice owners need to seek out the MBA you did not get in professional school!

To think otherwise, is a recipe for pure disaster in private practice, any business!

Fortunately, this is something I was taught both in school and by my early mentors. A year hasn’t gone by where I haven’t read several management books and have both taken and taught courses on management.

The biggest advantage of developing a management style as a private practice owner is that it does add predictability to your practice.

Most importantly, your staff is taught directly how and when to interact with you. Guidelines and boundaries are established right up front. This is critical when developing or expanding your private practice!

Likewise, you also apply your management style to your patient encounters. Unfortunately, too many private practice owners are not conscious of this fact.

By example, for many years I have adopted the ‘show the best treatment-choose what’s best for you’ management style to all new patients. The reason for doing so is it cuts the private practice owners stress tremendously. It also boosts patients self responsibility, which determines both clinical outcomes and practice incomes.

Here’s the big take away. It’s much more important to establish and then hone your management style as opposed to managing your private practice by default.

Far too often, management by default is the private practice owner’s nightmare.

Do not let this be you!

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Effective Game Plans for Private Practice Owners

Extraordinary private practice owners are constantly looking for profitable additions to their offices.

If you are reading this article, like me you love taking care of patients.

The challenge of making a diagnosis, seeing people dealing every practice day with the very worst life can dish up, and we help manage to get them back on their feet again!

You are also fiercely independent, choosing to call your own shots. Both with the design of your business and also style, patient hours and yes even the decorum.

And you also like to have fun, both inside and outside patient hours.

Lets face it, why else would you work so hard? There ARE easier ways to make a living.

But I submit, probably few other things are as rewarding as helping patients get back to health after an injury or illness.

Now more than ever mountains of “stuff” are making your job more and more difficult.

Adding in a few more layers of hassle causes ordinary practices to fail.

But extraordinary practices don’t. Extraordinary private practice owners are constantly looking for profitable additions to their offices.

And there is no better time than year-end to reappraise and re-energize your practice.

You see, it’s entirely possible to branch out and add key pieces to any healthy private practice, even in today’s new economy.

Just be sure these are products and services patients and their family and friends will gladly pay for and consume again and again.

But the biggest place I see private practice owners get into trouble is ignoring the basics. Things like the fun quotient, which largely stems from your attitude, and the policies you choose to implement or not!

If you are already extraordinarily happy with your life and practice congratulations on a great accomplishment.

If you are not, then let the game planning begin!

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Why YOU Must Own and Get Proficient with Mobile Technology

As a private practice owner you need to be where your patients are.

It was never a question of if, but when. And for private practice owners, when was 2012!

In less than 2 years from today, mobile device usage will far surpass PC usage. You name it- calendars, phone calls, banking, yes even billable professional services done by you!

And if you are our client, this will mean a sharp drop in emails, and only scheduled and emergency phone calls! There will be no more hard copy CDs and Paper newsletter as the digital world is FAR easier to manage.

Here’s how private practice owners should do it. First, make sure you own a high quality phone. Don’t cheap out on storage and speed either!

Tablets like iPads are now essential. We STRONGLY advise iPhones and iPads and Mac PCs due to ease of use and locally available (as well as tons of on-line) training.

Next, download a free app like Kindle to manage all your files, notes, books as .pdfs. You’ll be able to store, manage and retrieve them all in a snap!

With books, you can make notes, highlights, and even share excerpts on the social media.

Next, all your audio files can be played, as can your training videos! If you are a keeper-organizer like me, you’ll have all your  favorite mp3s and selected ones from your trainings in one place like an iTunes playlist.

As you listen to your audios, you’ll be able to create notes simultaneously into files that you can save, organize and share.

You’ll also be part of events in calendars we create for you.

Reminders and messages will be delivered by private forums and SMS (text) to you.

Now, do this right, and you’ll have all the SAME files synched across your desktop PC and every mobile device you own. And when you edit them in one place and they’ll synch across each other.

But the biggest reason of all to embrace the mobile world?

Your patients are ALREADY living, playing and working here!

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“Welcome Guest or Uninvited Pest?”

Marketing that builds bridges and establishes basic human connections is still the most powerful and effective for your private practice.

When speaking about private practice communications, it helps to study the greatest copywriters and marketers of all times. People like David Ogilvy, and Joseph Sugarman.

One of the best writers without question is Dan Kennedy. One of the reasons I admire Dan’s writing so much is there’s never any fluff. He always gets right to the point.

One of the most important points that Dan teaches is that effective marketing in private practice, as well as any solid business venture is that you must have your marketing messages (you, the professional) perceived as a “welcomed guest and not uninvited pest”.

You don’t have to go too far in the outside world to see what I mean. There are examples in every business, both online and off-line, in which advertising and marketing is too often perceived as annoying, and less than helpful.

Because of this now our society is hypersensitive to many marketing messages. And paradoxically, this is very true with the advance of mobile technology.

Here’s what we do know about today’s healthcare consumer. They’re looking for value; they’re looking for relationships.

Marketing that builds bridges and establishes basic human connections is still the most powerful and effective. This has withstood the test of time. Some of the greatest marketing lessons ever told come from history books, from great orators and writers.

The point of this entire discussion today is to make sure you have taken a hard look at how you communicate with your prospective and current patients.

What systems do you have in place to get them engaged, and interested in your private practice?

More importantly, what is your strategy to keep them fully engaged in your private practice?

This is extremely important now, moving into the foreseeable future.

And even with the move to mobile technology devices, miss the “connection” and you have missed the market.

Don’t let this be you.

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What Makes YOUR Private Practice Unique?

Do you specialize in an area of private practice that intrigues you?

One of the most significant challenges facing private practice owners is not being perceived by the public as different than the competitor around the corner.

The good news is this presents a tremendous opportunity for the forward thinking, entrepreneurial chiropractor, physical therapist, or physical medicine specialist.

You see there’s an entirely new private practice world available to those who choose to specialize. Specialists automatically command authority, and due to specialized knowledge also command fees at the top of the range for their private practice area.

Furthermore, being a specialist allows you to get referrals from other professional sources that previously ignored you.

Do this honestly, ethically, but most of all with clinical excellence and the results will be incredible.

However attempt to do this as a simple marketing ploy it will backfire like you couldn’t believe.

The flipside of this of course is get all the specialty training you can, go for all the academic certification you can obtain. It you do this correctly you will be the genuine private practice go-to-specialist in your community.

Choosing to have a specialty private practice however should not be decision you take lightly. Ideally, you will choose to specialize in an area of private practice that intrigues you, keeps you excited and motivates you to learn as much as you possibly can.

This is where doing your homework, can pay an enormous dividend. Look carefully at all the available opportunities, then reach out and grab the best you can.

One final word, when you choose to specialize, make sure you master your specialty. There’s nothing worse to a patient or another physician then dabbling rather than mastery.

To that end, consider joining the extraordinary group of private practice owners from all healthcare disciplines we have assembled.

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“Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons.”

The private practice of health care today requires a tremendous expenditure of emotional, financial and spiritual energy.

Not everybody can do what you do. It does take tremendous discipline. But the pay off is huge in so many ways!

The private practice of health care today requires a tremendous expenditure of emotional, financial and spiritual energy.

The title of today’s article is one of my favorite quotes from the since passed business great Jim Rohn. I was very fortunate to be exposed to Jim very early on in my career. His teachings and philosophy have had a profound impact on my business life and my private life as well.

Jim’s advice for all private practice owners is eternally profound. If you do not own any Jim’s recordings and books, I strongly suggest you make the investment.

What I learned from Jim about discipline, I’ve also seen in practice on a daily basis for well over 30 years. We see this with patients, but most especially now as a consultant I see this daily with many more private practice owners.

Another of Jim’s famous sayings that holds true more than ever is “Don’t wish things were easier, wish YOU were better!”

So why the concern about this information today? Quite frankly we are living in a dumbed down world. If you’re going to be successful in private practice and really move forward in any area of your life you must insulate yourself from the “crap” of the outside world.

So I suggest you limit your exposure to the mainstream media, talk radio, and the naysayers of doom and gloom. As a private practice owner, you are already at the top of the stack of serving humanity.

Make sure your intentions all aligned with your actions. Make sure you set measurable targets for yourself.

Above all, make sure your private practice is engaged in markets which will flourish moving forward, despite regulatory, and government interference.

Vow not to bail.

Never forget your major purpose as a private practice owner.

And that purpose is to continually be serving sick and suffering humanity with better ways every day!

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The Next 30 Days Determine Your Direction in Private Practice!

Private Practice owners now have opportunities that were never before available!

It’s no secret. Tremendous changes are on their way for private practice owners. And despite all the doom and gloom, the decisions you make in the next 30 days will determine if you capitalize upon these opportunities or not!

One of the most fertile grounds for private practice owners, especially those of us in physical medicine right now is pain management. The backlash against pharmaceuticals and injectables is huge.

It’s not just chiropractors and physical therapists. Medical physicians are constantly on the lookout for better ways to help their patients.

The good news is there’s no shortage of opportunities. The bad news, trying to sort them out requires tremendous time, and investigation.

This is where we can help! For the last few years we have been involved in intensive investigations for the better treatment of patients with peripheral neuropathy and many forms of chronic pain. Our work both in the laboratory and the clinics has paid off big time.

The result is private practice owners now have opportunities that were never before available!

But, like anything else, there will be those who reach out and grab the opportunities and those who wait on the sidelines waiting to see what happens.

Here’s the problem. If you’re not already moving in this direction, you are way behind the curve. All you need to do is follow the large trends, and see that the writing is on the wall. Many physical therapists and chiropractors have colleagues, who lost their positions working in healthcare corporations. Worse yet, is the private practice with no strategy.

THIS WEEK is the best time to finalize the design of your strategy for 2013 and well beyond.

Just don’t forget this requires the blending of clinical excellence with effective business strategies specific to private practice owners who seek not only prosperity, but also the rich private life of their design!

To that end, we thank you for turning towards us for direction, guidance and effective business strategies.

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Are you guilty of promising too much to your Neuropathy and Chronic Pain patients?

DO NOT put yourself in the position as a private practice clinician as being the patient’s savior!

One of the key issues that is imperative to understand when you treat patients that are chronically ill, is that often times they have been ill for many years.

Too often, these patients have been given the mentality by other healthcare professionals that they simply need to take this pill or that, and not take personal responsibility for their own health issues.

Of course, this does not apply to patients that suffer from genetic diseases or trauma. In those cases nothing could be further from the truth.

But unfortunately a vast majority of patients that suffer from peripheral neuropathy and chronic pain have a lot of underlying issues which you can help them deal with.

The real key to clinical success is getting these patients to understand what they must do themselves.

And in some patients, this is a relatively short list. It is unfortunate, but sometimes patients take years to make healthy decisions. Those like quitting cigarettes, reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption, and maintaining normal body weight.

But herein lies the incredible opportunity for you the private practice owner! Since these are the most common health problems presented in your private practice, do you already have the systems in place to deal with all of these conditions which must be addressed?

If not, you are missing an incredible opportunity to serve your chronic pain and neuropathy patients. I think you see where I am going here.

One final reminder.

DO NOT put yourself in the position as a clinician as being the patient’s savior! Instead, reward them when they accomplish targets you have set for them. By the same token, put the responsibility back on them if they failed to follow your good neuropathy treatment advice.

Likewise telling (yes, in writing, as part of informed consent) all your patients that the only promise you can make is that of the best clinical treatment you are capable of is sage advice, which has served me well ‘til this day.

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As a Private Practice owner do you Think INSIDE the “Box”

There is no substitute for hugs and handshakes with those you love, and this includes your private practice patients too!

Lots is said these last few years about not getting stuck with inside the “box” thinking. And when that comes to creativity, boy is that truer than ever!

Personal interaction is very powerful.

In private practice, this means that you look to other industries (yes, health care IS a big industry) and see what’s happening that you can learn from.

But because we are in a very personal, humanly intimate business, neglecting the basics of what’s inside our own daily realms is dangerous! You know yourself the health care business inside your practice is about real human beings, not avatars and images.

Lets take social media for example. And you know I love the ability to be talking to Africa, the UK and Canadian Maritimes at the same time and often do on Facebook or Twitter.

But in my own back yard so to speak, in my own private practice nothing replaces good old-fashioned human contact! Yep, phone calls, note cards, gift cards and bags, post cards and the infinite power of a monthly paper newsletter patients actually get to open, hold and stick up on bulletin boards and refrigerators!

Now don’t get me wrong, social media, videos and the like are huge and essential today, but there is no substitute for hugs and handshakes with those you love, and this includes your private practice patients too!

Because the world is full of fear and uncertainty, you are the anchor for those who seek your care during what are often very vulnerable times in their lives! Illness and pain and yes the insurance systems suck. But, you can help heal both of these, and you do it daily, often better than anyone else.

This is also what makes you unique, and draws patients to connect with you, sometimes for years!

So, don’t neglect this golden opportunity to build life long relationships, and a life long career if that’s your choice with your private practice. Pay attention every day! If you have lost this compassionate  “touch”, put it BACK in your practice today!

Do it by thinking inside the box when it comes to your marketing, and indeed your philosophy and style of private practice!

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An Incredible opportunity to “Supercharge” your Private Practice Marketing

As a private practice owners you must present yourself both on and off-line as unique, personable, and approachable.

One of the issues that too many private practice owners resist, and do not give nearly enough time to is telling your “story” personally.

It’s time to cross that new bridge.

This has always been true, especially for private healthcare practice owners. Now however, with the shift towards more and more social media it is becoming more important than ever that you have a close up and personal role in marketing your practice.

And I know this makes many of you uncomfortable. There is however, a way to make this very simple.

Simply think of your online engagement just like an off-line engagement.

For example, let’s say you were invited to speak in front of a local group. You would show up well dressed, polite, and ready to tell everybody where you are, what you do and why you chose your profession. And this is something you cannot afford to have somebody do for you.

You must present yourself both on and off-line as unique, personable, and approachable.

Just like you would as if someone was meeting you for the first time in your reception area, make sure your smile, and friendly demeanor comes across clearly. Don’t shy away from friendly interactions that enforce this perception with other people.

This is not some place where you want to appear as a carbon copy or boilerplate. Too often, this will hurt you personally and professionally.

Once upon a time, healthcare professionals were advised not to get too close to patients. Unfortunately, that advice does not always serve us well.

Now more than ever transparency is incredibly important.

Next time will talk about some steps that you can take to make this easy.

But let’s start today by warming up both your personal and online interactions with prospective patients, and other private practice professionals, in the community.

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Pull Back or Leap Forward in 2012?

Pull Back or Leap Forward in 2012?

A timely perspective on building a phenomenal practice that delivers a lifetime of patient value and permanent income.

Looking back, about 4 years now after first writing about Commanders of Change™ as a progressive new breed of private practice owners, little did I realize how prophetic it would be. Those in private practice we see doing the best even in this brave new world are commanding their own change, and reinventing themselves, and their practices. Despite the outside world. They have indeed learned to Practice by Design ™.

Those having extraordinary difficulty in private practice are instead practicing by default.

Its no secret, things are very different in your patient’s lives now too. More than just an election year uncertainty. Entire pillars of American society are shifting very, very quickly.

So, here’s the simple choice. Learn new systems, grow, and become more patient-centric while reinventing your practice, yourself and your future.

Or, do nothing, and wish things were like they used to be. Either way, recognize it is a choice that will have profound consequences on the rest of your life.

I am not saying it’s easy. If it were, all chiropractors, physical therapists and medical physicians in private practice would easily gross six and seven figure incomes. For some of us, it’s the most difficult issue in life right now.

I do however speak from experience when I tell you that the direction you take now, because it is such a pivotal time can mean dominating your given market area, building a powerful, profitable practice knowing you are fulfilling your professional destiny, and having that extra income committed to permanent interest bearing investments that can give you a lifetime of freedom.

Or, failing to act decisively, quickly, while gathering all the tools and information you must have regardless of who or what tries to dissuade you can mean closing your doors.  It’s this simple.

Do you hang around with naysayers or dwell upon how tough things are while distressing about loss of income and your investments?

It’s your choice.

Or, have you instead asked for help where you need it, moved forward with a clear vision of the future instead of regrets about the past.

While you are reviewing or reformulating your game plan, here are some of the critical areas that need special attention.

First, are you and your entire team communicating the true value, the most meaningful benefits about what you do, and simultaneously making it easy for those who want more of what you have to offer raise their hands and buy more?

Do you talk only about pain, covered physical therapy or chiropractic visits, or ‘Longer, healthier life with the energy and physical capacity to engage your passions to their fullest’?  Do you teach them how to be continuously “Looking and feeling spectacular?” And “Having more energy than people 10-15 years younger’?

Because, this is exactly what your health care does for people.

How Are You Going To Practice in 2012?

If you are not currently fully engaged along these lines, this is where I advocate you spend lots of time investigating how the practice development programs we have developed for you can best be deployed to make all this your reality too.

Always remember, these are the patients that tell everyone about their doctors. And gladly pay for everything you do. And come back year after year with their kids and grandkids.

Next, is your team crisp, efficient, friendly and understanding? Do they go out of their way to make the office a place people love to come to, and tell everyone they know? Do they also fully support you or stress you out way too much? This also, is a choice. Your choice.

As a vital referral driving and expanded patient care network, what is the quality of your healthcare professional relationships? Have you aligned yourself with like-minded MDs, DCs, PTs,  DMDs, DPMs, etc?  Do they refer easily back to you in complete confidence? Do you work to continue to help them as well as their patients?

Most importantly, do you have a clear vision, and a step-by-step game plan to make this all a reality?

A long ago, I wrote how to develop a step-by step implementation game plan. If you are having difficulty with any of these critical areas instead of going into overwhelm dedicate some quiet time, a day or two out of the office if need be, use the simple system I developed for you and just get it done.

And remember, this is where good coaching and modern tools and systems are priceless.

I look forward to hearing your success story this year!

PS This is a perfect day to begin with a new perspective and mentoring program.

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