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The Wrong Approach to Marketing Your Private Practice

You might be getting it all wrong when it comes to marketing your private practice—most people do! Here’s how to distinguish your practice effectively. Frankly, most private practice owners get it all wrong. They think they’re working hard at marketing—but in reality, they’re spinning their wheels. Here are some classic ways that most private practice […]


Private Practice SEO: What You Need to Know

In private practice, SEO is vital to understand. Here’s what you need to know about search engine optimization for your business. As a private practice owner, you know that getting high-quality traffic to your website is important for new referrals and your professional reputation. But you may have been tempted to think, “I don’t have […]


The Right Way to Market Your Physical Therapy Business

When It Comes to Promoting Your Physical Therapy Business, There’s Good News and Bad News. Too many physical therapy business owners spend a lot of time fretting about the “right” way to handle marketing. After all, there is so much advice out there—and most of it is contradictory. How is a physical therapy business owner […]


Private Practice Owner? Know These 3 Keys to Successful Team Management

No private practice owner can succeed without an effective team. Implement these 3 keys to team management and see your private practice thrive. As a private practice owner, it’s your vision and knowledge that guides your business to success. Without you, your team is just a group of people with skills but without a shared vision. […]


The Importance of Self-Care in Private Practice Ownership

Are You Practicing Good Self-Care? Why This Matters So Much for Private Practice Ownership You probably tell your patients that they need to take good care of their bodies in order to function well and cope with the stress of illness or chronic pain. But are you practicing what you preach? Many private practice owners […]


What Do You Promise to Patients?

Did You Ever Make a Promise to a Patient?   This is an area that far too many clinicians regardless of the specialty get into trouble with. It is so important to understand that the only real promise to patients you or I can and should make to patients is that we will do our […]


The Power of Personal Follow-Ups to Build Your Private Practice: How to Use Personalized Marketing in a Digital World

You’ll have an edge on your competition when you follow up consistently and personally with your patients. It’s a sad fact that most private practice owners don’t bother to follow up with their patients—and those who do, often are following up in an impersonal way. That’s bad news for those business owners, but it means […]


What’s a Perfect Practice?

We suggest a litmus test of 12 criteria, which when met, will propel you to personal and professional fulfillment. If you are in a group practice right now, especially as a newbie, you might have far less latitude in creation of your perfect practice.


How to Drive Referrals with Better Internal and External Events

External events, because they are very effective at not only bringing new patients into the practice but also very effective at introducing you to the community. One of the largest advantages of participating in external events is that there is a wide array of media that is available to you. This includes newspaper, radio, external fliers, as well as the energy you and your team actually generates in your office.


What Self Talk SHOULD You Change?

This guest post is from Dr Martin Russell, a medical doctor turned counselor who has brought the experiences from his own solo counseling practice online. He can be reached via his website: You can often hear people say something along the lines of, “I know I really SHOULD, but somehow I just don’t!” Perhaps you […]