Multi-Modality Treatment Plans

Do you have time to keep up to date on multi-modality treatment plans?

Most likely, your answer to this is no. That’s what we used to think too. Then, something happened.

As a team comparing notes, we began to realize we all felt the same way. We were not treating patients. Consequently, what we found was, we were just treating disease with medicine. In a nutshell, that’s what practice had become. Most importantly, we realized we wanted more.

Sure, some patients will keep coming back. Because, they don’t know what else to do. But…are you really doing what you want to do? Are you happy and content with the way things are or did you go into medicine for something different?

Personally speaking, I went into medicine to help people; to make patients better. Of course, I also want to make a nice living, but there’s more.

But, what does it really mean to make people better?

Here are a few things it doesn’t mean:

  • Cure everyone
  • Cure everything
  • Make everything perfect
  • Satisfy everyone

Certainly, we could only wish!

But…there are a lot of things we can do differently that will move us further along the continuum toward really helping patients. Of course, done well, we will also achieve greater financial success without near the battle. Therefore, embracing other options and putting together a more holistic approach to treatment, you will help many more patients. Then, your private practice will grow like wild fire.

Multi-modality treatment is the answer.

This means moving beyond simply one approach to new horizons. Besides, we need to learn what school forgot to teach us. Yes, I know you don’t have time. I didn’t either. Or so I thought. Now, I know I didn’t have time not too.

What Does Multi-Modality Treatment Mean?

Simply put, multi-modality treatment is about using all the resources at our disposal. For us, that means a lot of new learning and an exciting time. Here are just a few of the options out there:

  • Multi-modality pain management
  • Nutritional Counselling
  • Exercise as Medicine
  • Laser therapy
  • Medical practice marketing (People must know about it)
  • Word of Mouth advertising

And yes, the last two bullets are part of an effective treatment plan. Besides that, what you do must be known!

In case you haven’t already figured it out, there are few shortcuts in life. We’ve learned mentors are one of the best in existence. Besides that, I’ve had some great ones in my life and I wanted to share that with others. That’s why I’ve developed a team and a method to help others. We are here to help you. I’d like to talk to you about joining up with my team of experts.

Finally, here at Perfect Practice Web, our intent is to help you to grow your practice. Most importantly, we will help you be much more satisfied practitioner.

How do we do that?

We help you to continue grow and evolve in your approach, Then, we help you grow your practice to new heights. By allowing us to partner with you, you will benefit from over 30 years of hard-won experience.

Don’t be satisfied or become complacent. Because, if you still feel you have more to achieve, there’s no time like the present. Reach out and Let Us Help!


Essential things you must do in Private Practice

Take a real hard look on how you can add value added services and additional profit
centers to your private practice. Some are much better than others. Make sure they ADD TO
and do not detract from your image, purpose and vision.

Continually behaving in this way allows you to really recesssion proof your practice, permanently!

These are the essential things you must do in Private Practice right now.

Mobile Marketing for Private Practice Owners

Private Practice Owners Cannot Afford to Ignore Social Media

You might be wary of getting involved in social media or feel confused about the best way to implement a social media strategy. But every private practice owner should understand the place of social media in marketing.

Almost without exception, your patients are online.

Are you?

I don’t just mean having a website or even a blog. If you’re not using social media—and using it to effectively promote your private practice—you are missing out on a willing audience.

These days, a patient’s first encounter with you happens long before they arrive for the first visit at your office—or even before they pick up the phone to speak with your staff about a consultation.

When you’ve established a reputation on social media, you will have won a new patient’s trust long before you actually meet in person. And the best thing about social media is that few medical professionals in private practice are using it. In part, that’s because they’re scared of “doing it wrong.”

But when you have a social media strategy in place, and you’re in control of the online impression you leave with potential patients, you’ll see that no private practice can survive for long while ignoring the impact of social media on marketing today.

There is no substitute for a strong online presence as a way of building your perceived authority. The fact is, an active and engaging social media presence will take your private practice to unimagined new heights—when you do it effectively. There are many examples out there of ineffective social media practices.

Too often, private practice owners avoid the social media question altogether… or they jump in headfirst, without a clear understanding of what they’re doing and why. You could even say that a misguided and muddled social media strategy is almost worse than totally avoiding getting involved at all.

That’s why a private practice mentor is essential for the success of your business as a medical professional. You are highly trained in your field and a stellar clinician… but what training have you had in marketing, administration, and other aspects of running a business?

When you’re ready to take your private practice to a higher level, let us know. We can provide the tools you need to increase your marketing reach and design a private practice that suits the life you want to create.

I invite you to visit here frequently for more tips about creating a sustainable private practice!

I wish you the best along your journeys!

Want to learn more about how to build your private practice?

Then Join my team experts for a free strategy session HERE

Have a great day!

The PPW team


Private Practice Website Call to Action

Private Practice Website Not Generating Results? Here’s Why

The most essential feature of your private practice website is the simplest (and easiest to overlook): the Call To Action.

Patients have to be told exactly what to do.

You may have found this to be true in your clinical work. And it is most definitely true on your private practice website.

It doesn’t matter what else a patient finds on your website or how well you have established authority for your private practice by building a foundation with content marketing. All of that effort is wasted unless every single page features a specific Call To Action (CTA).

In other words, have you told the patient exactly what to do?

A CTA can take many forms. Sometimes it might encourage a patient to “read more about” a particular topic by clicking on a link. Sometimes it asks them to download a free report that details possible treatments for their symptoms. Or you may simply be encouraging a patient to pick up the phone and call your private practice to make an appointment today.

Without specific encouragement, most patients will not take these actions on their own. They will aimlessly click away.

The CTA is even more important for private practice now, in the days of mobile marketing, when a huge percentage of people looking at your website are doing so with the use of their smart phone or other mobile device. For this reason, you’ll need to make sure not only that there is a distinct CTA on each page but also that the CTA is linked and clickable.

Even better, build a contact form into your private practice website that makes it simple for people to put in their name, number, and reason for contacting you—then make sure that your office staff are checking this multiple times a day and can get back to new patients within a few minutes.

Wondering what else you may be overlooking when it comes to marketing with your private practice website? We talk about issues like this in our coaching and mentoring programs.