Healthcare Changes and Your Specialty Practice

Specialty Practice Can Benefit from the New Competitive Patient Mindset

Recent changes in the healthcare landscape can provide a boost to growth in your specialty practice—if you have the right goals in mind.

Many specialty practice owners have been viewing new healthcare laws and systems in the United States with a mixture of fear, outrage, and dismay.

You may be wondering how all these changes will affect your private practice… and assuming that things will be changing for the worse. How can a specialty practice possibly survive in this environment?

If you’ve been viewing healthcare changes as a circumstance that will doom your specialty practice, it’s time to think again.

Why? Because all of these changes can actually HELP you to grow your specialty practice to its upper limit—as long as you have the right mindset about the direction you’re headed.

All of these healthcare law changes have caused a shift in the typical patient mindset. It used to be that patients would do whatever their doctor said to do, or have whatever procedure was covered as standard by their insurance company.

These days, self-pay patients are looking at value. They want the most bang for their buck. That means they’re shopping around and looking for the provider who will provide exceptional care that justifies the cost of services. They view provider rates as an investment in their long-term health, and they want a good return on their investment.

This is great news! This patient, who is discerning and makes an informed decision when choosing a specialty practice, is exactly the kind of patient that you need to attract and keep in order to make your specialty practice thrive.

You don’t want patients who follow the old episodic treatment model: coming into the office when they’re in pain and then falling away. You want patients who seek expert collaboration and a long-term relationship working toward their continuing health. That patient is the very picture of loyalty, and he or she will joyfully refer you to family and friends.

When your patients are focused on their long-term health, then the long-term health of your specialty practice will be a given.

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Wrong Approach to Marketing Private Practice

Beyond Excuses: Why Your Private Practice ISN’T Thriving (and How to Fix It)

If your private practice is floundering, or coming to a standstill, you might think you know why…but take a close look at the problem. Is it a reason, or an excuse?

Unfortunately, too often, private practice owners get in their own way when it comes to success.

It’s all too human to think we “know” exactly what the problem is. Maybe we also “know” why various solutions can’t possibly work to fix the problem. In a way, this is a victim mentality.

Most of us are guilty of this at some point in our personal lives. But if this mindset carries over into your private practice, things aren’t going to go well.

If you’re going to be able to overcome obstacles in private practice, it’s essential to remain open to new ideas, useful feedback, and even tried-and-true solutions that you’ve already tried once. You’ve got to approach each new obstacle as if you’ve never encountered it before.

Why? Because if you’ve already labeled and judged what’s before you, you’re not seeing it clearly. And that means you’re blocking your own success by dooming the situation before anyone has addressed it.

So… how to get past this stumbling block? There are two keys to implementing a “no excuses” mind-shift in private practice.

The first key is a willingness to change. What you’re doing now is not effective, so a fresh approach is called for. This is a huge one! Don’t underestimate how your resistance to change could be impacting your private practice.

The second key is to call in a fresh viewpoint, someone who can give you unadulterated feedback about what you’re doing in your private practice that could be done better.

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Secrets of Treating Patients With Multiple Health Issues – Part 3

Today, we’ll talk about the third and final piece of the treatment of multiple health issues puzzle – making sure your patients understand what to expect in their treatment and what the process entails.

Third – Explain The Healing Process

Take it for granted that no one before you has really explained the physical causes of their pain and/or loss of sensation.  At least not in a way they could understand.  All they know is that they’re in pain.

Neuropathy and chronic pain patients very often don’t understand their suffering because nobody ever took the time to explain the basics. And this is even more true for patients having been treated in large institutions!

For example, we suggest that you use multimedia tools. I’ll very often use simple diagrams aided by powerful interactive software to demonstrate that nerve cells being deprived of oxygen causes them to shrink, widening the synaptic junction between the nerves and preventing the impulses from reaching from one nerve to the next.

Break it down into terms they can understand.  Picture a motorcycle trying to jump from one side of the Grand Canyon to the other.  There is virtually no way it will make it to the other side.  That’s the same with nerve impulses trying to reach from one nerve to the next when the synaptic junction is enlarged.  Tell your patient that effective chronic pain care may help restore neurologic function, even where other systems have failed.  Often times you can explain to them that your treatments are like building a bridge back across the Canyon. And that like a bridge under construction, this is not going to happen overnight.

The Final Caveat

Trust and Empathy Helps Patients Get Better Faster

Your patients have been through a lot.

They want to finally be free from pain.

They want their life back!

But they must completely understand the process, game plan, and their responsibilities in recovery.

You must take control, fully assess their intentions from the outset, and involve yourself completely in their treatment.

And then watch your referrals and practice revenues growing every week.

It’s a win for everyone involved.

Secrets of Effectively Helping Patients with Multiple Health Issues – Part 2

In our last post we talked about treating patients burdened with the following symptoms following a major health issue, surgical procedure or chemotherapy:

Pain that is unmanageable, despite medications.

Loss of normal mobility., and inability to do even basic daily functions

Disability, as well as the financial and emotional strain that results.

Once you’ve done a thorough patient intake and discussed planned outcomes, you can move to phase 2 of treatment:

Address Any Underlying Metabolic Issues

Work with your patient’s other physicians and talk to the patient about any other underlying medical conditions they have.  Eliminate all other possible causes as much as possible. Get a thorough history and physical.  Chances are very good that they’ve been through a battery of tests with their regular treating physician.  If that’s the case, simply ask for the results.  If the results are current, you can save your patient a lot of time, money and frustration by not putting them through tests they’ve already had.

Another Lesson on Systems…

A powerful lesson on systems from M. Mitchell Waldrop in his book, Complexity referred to in Deep Survival by Laurence Gonales, a must read book!

“All complex adaptive systems anticipate the future…every living creature has an implicit prediction encoded in it’s genes…every complex adaptive system is constantly making predictions based upon its various internal models of the world…in fact, you can think of internal models as the building blocks of behavior. And like any other building blocks, they can be tested, refined, and rearranged as the system gains experience.”


‘I like his stuff but I hardly know this guy…’

‘I like his stuff but I hardly know this guy…’

Jes is hearing this more and more from docs around the country, who is this guy on Nantucket, Marthas Vineyard, Washington one week, then tooling around on the Bimmer?

This guy is me, a 54 year old with a 12 year olds passion for motors and baseball.

I’m the guy who pioneered the no bull way to run private practices.

Look, here’s the real deal I have never shared publicly.

5 years ago, I became instantly disabled, had to close my second office I had recently opened.

For 9 months, every movement was constant pain. During this time, I showed up in the office as the coach, every day except for the hospital admission. Spent half the days or more, between MRIs, EPs, neurosurgical and neurology consults on my back, in my office. More on that another time.

My associate doc who I pulled from the second office worked with my coaching using my systems, seeing most patients.

My practice did not drop. Not a beat! In fact, my disability insurance company ultimately gave me a real hard time because my practice income stayed up!

Why you ask? Because the real power in practice, and yes indeed life, real freedom, is in the impeccable sytems.

Now, you too can learn all of this, practice it, end up free and financially independent like our successful member docs.

Or miserable and unfulfilled in one of the greatest healing arts. It pains greatly when docs call me with those stories.

If you are ready, the teacher has appeared.

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I’ll take my helmet off long enough to answer your questions, first come. 5 mins max.


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