What is Arachnoiditis and How Can You Help?

As a specialty practice emphasizing the relief of chronic pain, you will encounter patients who suffer from arachnoiditis.

Unfortunately the number of these cases is growing by leaps and bounds.

The cause is thought to be at least in a large part due to the rising use of intraspinal injections.

As we both know, now a days and too often intraspinal injections are used as a first-line rather than the last line therapy for back pain, radiculitis etc.

The net result can be patients who are injured, or suffer severe adverse reactions.

These reactions can range from chronic back pain to unrelenting extremity and spine pain and even paralysis.

There is some concern that preservatives as well as the variety of drugs used in intraspinal injections can cause autoimmune reactions, which can lead to the development of more serious conditions including chemical hypersensitivity.

But the worst effect of course is, the chronic and debilitating and unrelenting pain that these patients suffer from.

As one of our trained clinicians, though you have tools right at your fingertips, which may be able to help even the most difficult patients.

Arachnoiditis patients present cases that will test all of your skills.

You need to of course be sure to start with a very thorough evaluation. Depending upon your expertise, develop a rational but powerful treatment plan using all the tools we have given you. Alternatively refer to one of your colleagues better equipped and trained to help these patients.

There is even a place for lifestyle and behavioral therapies in the treatment of the arachnoiditis patient. This is of course due to the significant life destruction they have experience.

Commonly, your office can serve as an oasis for these patients providing all types of information, which they are not getting anywhere else.

If you’re not familiar with arachnoiditis, we will be providing our clients additional continuing education material on this.

If you thought Neuropathy patients were challenging, you haven’t seen anything until you tackle some of these cases.

The good news is you can offer help to many of these patients.

But the first thing to do is start reaching out in your own practice and in your own community!

Communicate the value of what you are doing a daily basis.

Emphasize the need for a rational conservative approach to spine pain and possible arachnoiditis prevention, doing all of this despite traditional pain clinics emphasis on invasive and potentially dangerous injection therapy.

Above all, expand your expertise and learn to truly help the arachnoiditis patient.

We wish you the best along your journeys!

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Benefits of a Staff-Driven Private Practice

Practice Building Secrets

Inside “answers” are  the most powerful private practice building secrets you could ever imagine

As a private practice owner you probably receive phone calls and email about “practice building secrets”.

Sometimes it’s the latest therapy device. Other times it’s a “new” treatment system or perhaps even a product to sell.

Now there is no doubt that some are better than others. But far too much time is wasted on practice building gimmicks than most spend on developing what we call the cornerstone practice building secrets.

Practice building secrets are not complex, in fact they are quite the opposite, many are very simple.

And it’s precisely because of their simplicity that too many ignore them!

For example, when was the last time you looked at your basic staffing? Such as attitude, friendly behavior, and even their role in practice building secrets? How about the basic condition of your office? Simple things like your hours and cleanliness?

And other things the modern consumer expects like rapid access, multiple forms of payment, and accessibility?

Despite all of this however, we too often get hung up on the latest newfangled thing rather than focusing on improving these cornerstone private practice secrets.

So what happens is, doctors and physical therapists overlook the basics and ignore these essential practice building secrets.

So here’s a great way to start your week. Take notes all day long. Write them down. Pay very careful attention to your staff and your patients. Ask questions about all the practice building secrets we talked about above.

But most importantly listen to the answers. Because inside these answers, will be some of the most powerful private practice building secrets you could ever imagine.

The most successful doctors and physical therapists do this on a regular basis and then spring into action when less than optimal implementation of private practice secrets has occurred!

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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You May Not Have The Stomach For The Future of Private Health Care…

Can we talk frankly?

In the last 30 years my generation of docs have first hand witnessed the destruction of one of the pillars of this country, reasonably compensated health care for private practice owners by third parties. Just like I wrote about in Living and Practicing By Design, society suffers greatly when it asks us to give up 7-10 years of our lives to learn to serve and one roadblock after another is put in the way of making a go of it in healthcare outside a big institution.

If you were told when applying to grad school that to be successful start-up in private practice, that you really should hire a marketer, CPA, Bookkeeper, HR Person, attorney, management consultant etc., and oh yeah foot the bill entirely, would you still do it knowing that some tradesman can make more money than you may be settling for from 3rd party payers?

A bit unnerving to say the least.

So here’s the deal, like it or not. Most of the time now a days Private Health Care is a do it for yourself gig! Being fully dependent upon third parties is a pathway to disaster.

The best solution? Find a niche you love, and engage fully in it. Better yet, find two related ones, like neuropathy and private rehab.

Or, do as many have, get out of practice.

It’s up to you!

But to stay in private practice now requires an even bigger team & skill set!

For example, my Private Clients pay a monthly licensing, training  and marketing fee and for that get complete tested marketing pieces for newspaper, radio and TV, web based office training, live webinars, multiple daily posts to assist their own social media (ignore this one at your own peril!), twice weekly emailings to their patients to keep them connected and educated, posts and updates to a unique mobile app (which is fluid and constantly updated by the way), promoted as part of a nationally recognized trademark, and the license to use and be listed in all the above, a monthly trainings and ebook…need I continue?

Above all, private practice requires you have the guts to take calculated risks, and have a real game plan for their implementation and success.

My Private clients gladly pay $1997 month and sometimes THOUSANDS MORE for services privately, because they know the real costs to do this individually would be about 20k/month!!!!

Why, because they have CEO Mentality. They understand that the ROI (return on investment) when all of the steps are implemented is enormous, way more than you may have ever dreamed!

Tell me if that’s NOT one of the reasons you originally chose private health care?

Anything less in today’s private practice arena and you could be toast.

Why not join me on the next 7 Figure Private Practice Blueprint Webinar HERE and learn EXACTLY why you need to take action NOW!

Times are never good or bad, only different.

Times are never good or bad, only different.

Sage advice from a master, spoken many years ago.

I am not sure exactly who, or I would give

due credit.


And you know what?  It’s very Darwinian, especially

 in chiropractic today. Only the fit will make it. And

come out so much better. I know this as I speak with doctors

all over the USA.


This is a great time to reinvent yourself personally, spiritually,

and refine your practice make-up, vision, goals, and especially

your systems.


So much is happening so fast right now.


 Just ask your patients.

Ask them what they need. What they want from you to achieve

their own objectives.  Is it a back “Crack”, or a knowledgeable?

Doctor of natural healthcare?


And by asking this, you find out how good

a job you have done educating your patients. Or not.


Do you also have many more MD referrals for non-back-ache

conditions?  What about true, integrated care for your patients?

Is your therapeutic arsenal expanding? Does the chiropractic

message make it through all the clutter?


Tough times need accurate answers, and clear honest appraisals.


To that end, we need to also know what your needs are. Really.

This is the best way we can help you grow.


 For example, staffing, marketing and especially technology

systems we wrote less than 18 months ago are being revised.

Collections systems, theraputic delivery to patients.

This is Future security, healthier patients and our own future fulfillment.


It’s the antithesis of Future Shock. It will be essential to survival.

I can’t say it any stronger.


Out of all this, has emerged an entirely new model of practice,

and practice development.


Make sure every facet of your practice and yourself are all on this very same page.

And if not, call us TODAY 781-659-7989 or choose your next level growth at

“I Could Never Do That, Dr Hayes…”

Unless you are WILLING to do what it takes to be successful, it is unlikely you ever will live the life you are capable of.

A little while ago, I was consulting with a prospective physical therapy practice client. This is actually something I spend quite a bit of time doing these days.

And almost all our conversations are enjoyable, and very revealing at the same time. There is one recent conversation, this one I’ll never forget. Something about her attitude and demeanor, which led me to conclude this lady, was having a very difficult time in private practice.

She didn’t make the cut, and was not accepted into one of our private practice owners consulting programs.

But why? It was the opportunity of a lifetime for her. What happened?

Quite simply, she was unwilling to handle even the basics of what was required to help insure her own success!  And unless you are WILLING to do what it takes to be successful, it is unlikely you ever will live the life you are capable of.

Now you might not find this appealing at all. There is entirely too much “sugar coating” reality these days, but not in truly great organizations.

What a lot of people never realize is that willingness, like commitment has almost magical powers. This has been known for centuries. Goethe wrote “Boldness has genius, power and magic in it”, and he was so right.

So often in my own life and consulting with clients, as well as helping patients heal, it’s the willingness to do these difficult things in life that sets the stage for great accomplishments.

But more than that, at the end of the day, it creates a sense of accomplishment so few people ever feel.

Here is today’s takeaway. If you are stuck, unhappy or not growing, start doing what you have been unwilling to do before!

It won’t be the first time somebody has turned his or her private practice, and life around forever.

If you are willing to do what it takes and want to learn more about how we can help, click HERE!


Lessons Learned?

With fuel prices dropping like a stone, and a huge difference in gasoline pricing just 10 miles apart in these northeast towns, I can’t help but wonder, have we learned anything about the current trends and events that have a huge impact upon our lives?

I certainly hope so, but only time will tell.

Here’s my take.

1. Fuel prices soared, and stayed up because they could, without significant repercussions from any government authority. If you or I did that, we’d lose our licenses.

2. It’s not the last time we see this. Seems to me this strategy was tested after Katrina, and stuck this time. And I am sure its not over.

I think back to the gas lines of the 70s and lessons never learned. Instead, we get more dependent on foreign oil, and continue 35 years of incredible consumption. Next, we even gave our jobs away, make it incredibly difficult to do business in our own country, continue to line the pockets of special interests and set the stage for more corrupt politics. Now, other growing countries exhibit the same behavior.

And again in the USA, the biggest auto Companies Banks and Mortgage companies will be looking for bailouts by the feds, while posting brutal losses and shareholders stock value plummets.

Gosh, it must be nice to screw up so bad, and still come out smelling like a rose. All in the face of warning signs and trends of not so long ago.

Like Yogi Berra said, “This is like deja vu all over again.”

So, what’s the point? Again, it’s Yogi’s words of wisdom…

“You can observe a lot just by watching.”

This type of human behavior in the face of rapid change could also have everything to do with your practice right now. Here is how I think it applies.

Lesson number one. The profitable and successful business and professional practice is built upon current trends, and they often are not necessarily at all the way we are used to thinking. Way, way outside the box. This is also the harsh reality of “future shock”.

Lesson number two. Alvin Toffler was so prophetic! Future Shock is modern mans greatest psychological affliction. Simply put, given half a chance, humans will screw up big time (and screw others) by failing to acknowledge and respond to the amount and rapid pace of change, in all areas of our world.

Lesson number three. Ignorance of important trends, changes and warnings hurts. It hurts people. It changes societies very quickly.

(And, it might just destroy everything that built America, a country that no longer teaches, or touches history on any scale like it used to. Collectively, very short memories for a very young country).

In any event, most of today’s doctors are just like most people in any important endeavor. Failure to thrive and especially prosper is often rooted squarely in these three closely related crucial errors.

Here they are in a slightly different format.

Ignorance of current trends.

Continuing to use antiquated tools, and this is a real biggie for such a smart group.

Not changing key life and business components (systems) until it’s very late in the game or disaster strikes).

Please remind yourself daily that ignorance is not bliss. In fact, it’s a recipe for disaster, in most everything.

Now the good news.

You can be a better doctor and businessperson! You can learn new skills; use new tools that operate better systems. You can still create a powerful life while rendering a unique set of services to your communities. You can earn a fantastic livelihood and save many lives and countless amounts of ill heath, humanities most basic needs. You can.

But only If…

Hopefully, your answers are obvious.

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Step by Step Implementation Guide

One of the biggest issues in private practice done right, is developing a step-by-step plan of implementation, what to do, and exactly when.

I am often asked by doctors, “Can you please tell me what to do next?” The reality is, this is formulaic, and with a little effort, you too can develop an implementation game plan.

Lets do this step by step.

  1. The very first thing is to outline in writing exactly what it is you want to accomplish and produce. Yes, that’s right, your goals and targets. The more precise you can be, the better the results. Doctor, do not overlook this vital step. In private practice, you are the CEO, CFO, Marketing Manger, and most often the Team Captain. If your behavior is not congruent with these roles, success will always elude you in private practice. This is a very powerful lesson that way too many ignore. You can be the best clinician ever, but private practice success and fulfillment require much more. Always remember though, your rewards are so much greater when you function at this highest level. When you have a high six to seven figures a year practice, then you can delegate some of the day-to day management, but as long as you own the practice, never abdicate its direction and financial oversight!!!Too many make this first and vital implementation step way too stressful. Make it easy, by just using a pencil and a notebook. It also may really help to just work in 90-day segments. Just mark your calendar to redo this exercise every 90 days. It also really helps if you write your primary goals every day if you want to accomplish way more than the average doctor. Anything you can do to make this more visual, like photos and diagrams can easily add a powerful emotional “hook”, and help you accomplish more in far less time.
  2. Get in the habit of operating only off a DAILY checklist!Again keep it easy, low stress. I still like white legal pads and multicolor pens for daily use. Typically you can make a list no later than Sunday Night for the week ahead. Next, color prioritize each of these items. Black is done, red is critical, green is underway, and blue is re-routed. Finally, cross off what’s been completed. Looking at your list with all items crossed off then allows you to move onto the next phase.Just make sure, that your checklists include the three core components of the practice. This would include:Production- exactly what’s happening this week to grow production? Here, you should list out Marketing Events, patient workshops, radio show, fitness screening, etc.Collections- analysis of your income and expenses, and especially the trends of these two key areas to financial independence. Pick the same day and time each week to review these.Staffing- What’s going on with your team? Are there pending vacations, missed steps in critical procedures? A compliment to be awarded or violations of policy?Next, you must note the appropriate action step on your DAILY checklist for all of these key areas.
  3. Develop and operate only off a 90 day Master Implementation Plan. Make sure your entire team knows it, and helps hold you accountable.One of the great simplifiers of implementation is to not project beyond 90 days, unless you are very proficient at all the above steps. For most of us, this is the precise interval to observe progress, trends and make corrections to what’s not working.The Master Plan is the poster of every area of practice that is multifaceted. A great example is marketing. Lets say you want to start a monthly newsletter for patients.You would first list “Monthly News” with a deadline or start date on your master plan, but your daily checklist might list, “select theme, call mailing house, fix event calendar” etc.And that’s it! You can keep it this simple. Sure, there are many other things (advanced executive skills) you could add, but I suggest holding off until you get effective at actually implementing all the key steps to practice growth and personal freedom.When you are ready to really take this to the next level, hire a coach.Personalized analysis of your situation, with someone who has done it all before can pay enormous dividends. Most coaches will gladly give you a written, personalized implementation plan as well.But recognize doctor, failure to have these basics in place first is a recipe for disaster. Don’t let this be you!

    Take these very simple steps today! Your only supplies needs are a notebook, pencil, a pack of white legal pads, a multicolor pen, a poster board and a calendar.

    The more consistent and disciplined you can operate in this way, the more successful and creative, and ultimately financially independent you must become.

  4. Lastly, Download your FREE Guide Template at then call 781-659-7989 or email me

Influence-The Doctors Who Will Save Healthcare

Without power, profit and influence, in your own life and practice, you are unlikely to learn from the past, deal with the present and plan as accurately as possible for the future. But just why are these so important?

One of my fascinations as a consultant comes from dealing the vast differences in how people view the world, as well as their own professions.

Even more fascinating, is how they respond to the wide variety of situations we are all presented with every day. Now this is something I’ve written on extensively, during the last three years, and continue to research on almost daily basis.

Of course, there are many reasons for these vast differences, even amongst similar groups of people (like DCs MDS, DMDs JDs etc.). No doubt, some are biologic and likely even genetic responses. Some are cultural. Some are environmental. And lets not forget education and professional training.

No doubt, the largest factor accounting for all these differences is personal beliefs about the world we live in and then how we should act upon incoming information and react or not to the situations we are faced with on almost a moment-to-moment basis.

Our personal beliefs are what comprise our self-image. Many years ago, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon observed this in his patients, and then went on to write about it extensively in his landmark work, “Psychocybernetics”.

Dr. Matltz’s observations at the time were, and still are landmark, in dealing with human behavior and achievement. Matlz observed that humans have the unique capacity to set courses like a missile, and hit targets with precision. He also astutely observed that these missile courses are never over a straight line, and indeed the vast majority of travel time is off course.

Q. So what causes a missile, or you or I to hit our targets?

A. It’s actually continual course correction.

Q. And which is the faster course?

A. It’s always a straight line.

Q. Which combination of characteristics produces a straighter line in professional practice development?

A. It’s Personal Power, Profit and Influence.

Success, happiness and fulfillment in practice and in life are always a combination of accurate assessment and response, over and over again. (This is also why the mechanisms we teach to run and grow a professional practice actually work.)

As keen as Maltz’s observations were, it really wasn’t until 1970 when Alvin Toffler wrote “Future Shock” did we come to understand again, some of the reasons why we have vast differences not only in human behavior, but society as a whole.

Toffler’s work also clearly demonstrates how ignorance of these factors can lead entire groups and organizations to become ineffective, powerless and unprofitable.

Seemingly very quickly.

So how can we not only survive, but also prosper and grow as individuals and professionals? How can we stand for solid principles and render the excellence in human services we have been trained to do?

Not because they (we) changed, but rather the world changed.

It will be only through Personal Power, Profit, and Influence.

Not unlike healthcare professionals (“providers”).

Personal Power comes from building all aspects of our lives on a firm foundation. Personal power in this day and age fully develops only with an eye clearly on the future. Ignorance of either the speed of change or the magnitude of change will lead to failure. Without firm foundations, principles and beliefs, we are like trees without roots.

With a firm foundation however we can weather hurricanes, tornadoes and tsunamis.

And profit. You, and you alone will determine your financial future. Without profit and savings, a strong financial future is impossibility. Without a strong financial position, we actually end up powerless, in so many ways.

Lastly, let’s talk about influence. Many of us ignore the impact of our influence on our patients, our staff, and most especially our communities. Those doctors, who maintain a high degree of influence not only in their offices, but also in their communities, will undoubtedly be those who master personal power and profit.

In “Future Shock- Personal Power, Profit and Influence”, we will together, around the USA be exploring the role all these have not only in our personal and professional lives, but the significant impact our collective efforts have in producing meaningful results and a bright future, not just for a very unique profession, but for our healthcare system. And, most especially our patients.

I hope you will join me on the quest to preserve patient choice, the affordable access to private healthcare, and the highest quality of care possible.

Doing Everything You Can to Promote YOUR Private Practice?

One of the biggest challenges that many forget who attempt to specialize in private practice is how focused and targeted their marketing needs to be.

And this is simply because too many private practice owners believe that “anyone” is their patient.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Marketing to people who are not in your niche, or interesting what you have is a complete waste of time money, and energy.

This is why the more you can focus the various departments of your private practice and market them uniquely you can add more positioning and thus income to your future.

More so than virtually any other steps that you can take!

And, this does not have to be hard, nor does have to be expensive.

Start with these suggestions right now.

Your patient base. How often are you emailing, mailing, presenting special offers?

Are you incentivizing them to refer their family to you with outstanding service and systems?

Didn’t they know you are available to do screenings and presentations in front of their pain groups? This is a very common error too many private practice owners make.

You do have a weight loss and fitness programs, correct?

They don’t have to be expensive or time-consuming because a good staff person can help you tremendously and they are very high demand.

They also fit in very well with specialty practice growth and development. They also help to draw your ideal patient to your practice!

Let us help you design your specially practice promotions by using customized brochures, posters, stay in touch campaigns to patients and healthcare professionals.

All these things have substantial impact when growing your private practice!

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The Final Roadblocks

Doctor sitting behind her deskThis week in our Perfect Practice Tips series we are examining the final roadblocks of the six most common to successful private practice management.

Roadblock Five: Failing to Give Patients the Big Picture

A component of practice that often seems to be forgotten today is ensuring that you are giving patients the “big picture” of health. In order for a doctor to be effective, the doctor must live the message they are attempting to communicate. This includes practicing and advocating lifestyles and systems of health care that promote long-term health, fitness, overall life satisfaction and personal fulfillment.

Some of these components may include the practice of well patient care, dietary supplements, massage, fitness programs and physical therapy. The doctor and his or her team must be effective at sharing this extraordinarily valuable information with their family and friends, children, and the community at large.

Roadblock Six: Failing to Make Time For You

One of the biggest factors that leads to burn out and dissatisfaction among doctors in practice stems from not having enough time away from the office.

The reality is that maintaining a private practice is extremely physically and psychologically demanding. It taxes your mental and emotional capacities. There is no way that you or I will ever perform to our fullest potential if we are not rested and completely healthy.

So here is the big idea: Strive to become more efficient in every aspect of your practice management.

Your goal should be to increase your efficiency and effectiveness in the office so that with each passing year you see more patients in less time.

This will allow you to take a more balanced approach toward work and personal time. You can then pursue other interests in your time off that help to keep you fresh and passionate about what you do, for many years to come.

Keep in mind that failure to think critically about all of these issues and their long-term impact on your personal goals and lifestyle will have a significant impact on many areas of your life.

This is why I continually advocate that the doctors of the future must continue to Practice by Design™, not by default.

If you would like to know more about our how to create a Practice by Design, please visit our website!

Dr. John Hayes, Jr.
Perfect Practice Web

The Next Set of Private Practice Roadblocks




This week in our Perfect Practice Tips series we’ll continue examining the six most common roadblocks to successful private practice management.  Let’s talk about the next two obstacles doctors frequently encounter:

Roadblock Three: Reimbursement Issues

You cannot survive if you fail to pay close enough attention to your Finance Department. If you choose to participate in any third-party plans, you must thoroughly understand what constitute covered and non-covered services, exactly what the expected reimbursement will be, and how long it will take for you to be reimbursed. You also need to be sure that your participation in these plans will not automatically obligate you to participate in other plans without your knowledge and consent.

Don’t make the mistake of failing to put a system in place for collecting payment from self-pay patients, or for collecting on non-covered services. This is where you really need to do your homework. You must thoroughly understand what patients today are looking for in a private practice owner, and you must know what services they will gladly pay for.

Roadblock Four: Patient Report of Findings and Care Plans

This is another potential obstacle.

Significant attention must be paid to how the patient report of findings and care plans are presented to the patient and administered. Right from the start, your entire team needs to communicate to the patient that compliance with your recommendations is essential if the patient expects to achieve a good result. Simply, truthfully and thoroughly explain to the patient why you have suggested a particular treatment plan.

Thoroughness during the patient’s first visit has a huge impact on a patient’s future compliance. Perform any essential diagnostic tests before treating your patients, regardless of third-party incentives not to do so. Patients and their families long remember the doctor who makes an accurate diagnosis, and who presents a care plan that gets the patient better within reasonable a time frame and facilitating the patient’s financial obligations.

We invite you to join us daily on our blog for continued discussion of these principles.

If you would like to know more about our how to create a Practice by Design, please visit our website at

Private Practice Mastery

Those who continue to be very successful in private practice have an ever evolving vision about the way they want their life to be and then carefully design the way they want their practices to support their personal goals and dreams.

Never before, have their been more simultaneous changes facing those amongst us who continue to choose the private ownership of a viable business, the entrepreneurial pathway.

Make no mistake about it; private practice today is not for the indecisive or faint of heart. There are easier ways to make a living.

So the question becomes then, why would somebody choose this more challenging pathway over different and in many respects far easier routes?

What Is The Number One Secret of Private Practice Mastery?

In my opinion, and in my experience as a private owner for many years and now as a consultant, those who continue to be successful recognize fully the immense rewards that only ownership and being 100 percent in charge can bring.

Indeed, it is that same spirit that drives anybody that strives to stay on top in any worthwhile chosen endeavor.

There’s something about going to the office each day, knowing that you are the creator, the implementer, and the manager of your entire life that really separates the private practice owner of today.

There is also the immense reward of knowing that you are part of a very small segment of humanity. In fact, you are at the absolute pinnacle of successful people!

But what really drives you and I down this pathway is the realization and ultimate human satisfaction that no challenge is too great and no single obstacle too big.

And given the complexities of the world we live in necessitates more effective systems than ever before and the leverage only powerful design can produce. Not to mention supplying our teams with impeccable tools.

So why then, does it sometimes seem to the outsider that a powerful practice is elusive and not attainable?

Almost universally, it is because the first secret of private practice mastery, the habit of continually visualizing “The end in mind” it is neglected!

Most often, in my consulting time with doctors, failure in private practice results because doctors too often wait for far too long before making crucial changes in design.

Why is this so? I’ve often observed that It’s simply because as good as doctors are at giving advice they are often very reluctant to engage their coaches and mentors, especially those who have achieved similar goals or greater successes.

Another really big point. Jim Rohn said, one of the reasons many people do not do well is they do not have enough reasons to do well!

So if it’s been quite some time since you’ve really looked at the reasons that get you out of bed every day, what are you waiting for? Maintaining vigilance with your thoughts and keeping your reasons in the forefront make even the toughest days seem far easier.

Once your “end in mind” is clearly delineated, powerful systems, and the leverage a team that shares your vision is absolutely paramount to your success.

Of course design alone is not enough! It is however the most important, and the most powerful weapon in the owner doctors arsenal.

I tell doctor’s time and time again, those who continually do well are those that continue to engage in frequent redesign!

This does not necessarily mean completely overhauling the entire practice. On the contrary.

What it really means that you will refine systems, carefully consider the addition of better of technology, and better staffing that really sets your practices apart in terms of economic and personal satisfaction.

And you must continually provide your team with only the finest marketing and communications to get the job done.

Simplification, organization, but most especially surety in their personal actions throughout the day while in contact with your patients and your community.

This is today’s reality, but it’s also the reason we teach all our clients extensively how to autopilot this entire system and how to go about getting all this “stuff” done.

Perfect Practice Web Let us help you design your specially practice pro…

Let us help you design your specially practice promotions by using customized brochures, posters, stay in touch campaigns to patients and…

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“If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

Perfect Practice Web “As everyone else STRIVES to be the same, DO and B…

“As everyone else STRIVES to be the same, DO and BE something different in your private practice! ” Dr. John Hayes

Perfect Practice Web “Striving for success without hard work is like tr…

“Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.” David Bly

Perfect Practice Web If You truly desire something more than an ordinar…

If You truly desire something more than an ordinary practice, or an ordinary life. THEN JOIN ME!…

Perfect Practice Web If You truly desire something more than an ordinar…

If You truly desire something more than an ordinary practice, or an ordinary life. THEN JOIN ME!

Perfect Practice Web The MOST common things contributing to #Neuropathy…

The MOST common things contributing to #Neuropathy are diet, smoking, even some medications!

self-care for private practice ownership
Perfect Practice Web The MOST common things contributing to #Neuropathy…

The MOST common things contributing to #Neuropathy are diet, smoking, even some medications!