Perfectionism and Your Private Medical Practice

Embrace Your Inner Entrepreneur

Want a successful private practice? It’s time to stop acting like an employee and embrace your inner entrepreneur.

For a truly successful private practice, you have to step outside of your comfort zone… way, way out.

Think you’re ready to switch gears into a thriving and successful private practice? Then the days of acting like an employee are over. Instead, you have to train yourself to think and act like an entrepreneur.

What does this mean? Here are some of the key differences.

An employee does what he or she is told, primarily because there’s a financial motivator. An entrepreneur breaks out of the mold and takes calculated risks because there is potential for a long-term gain—not just financial, but other rewards as well.

An employee is subordinate to others’ ideas and simply carries them out. An entrepreneur is the visionary who comes up with new ideas and decides how and when to implement them.

An employee spends most of his or her day focused on details, solving problems in a very technical way. An entrepreneur spends at least half of his or her time working ON a successful private practice, not just IN it. In other words, a significant part of an entrepreneur’s week is made up of planning, research, and other “big picture” activities that go beyond day-to-day responsibilities.

An employee can (at least sometimes) get away with only 80% focus and “good enough” effort. An entrepreneur must be devoted to the end game 100% of the time and never be satisfied except with exemplary effort—and positive results.

An employee who is dissatisfied is most likely to complain. An entrepreneur, on the other hand, sees an opportunity for positive change and makes it happen.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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