Three Unique Things that Lead to Success

Those who become very successful in life and practice do three unique things that others who struggle don’t:

1. Successful people totally and unconditionally accept full responsibility for their lives and practices. They never blame the economy, insurance companies, or patients who just don’t understand!

2. The most successful people are continually gathering new information. These are the readers and seminar takers. Theses doctors take every call we sponsor, request more help, frequently, with letters and emails. They travel to every live event we give or advise them to take. They regularly gather all the knowledge they can. These doctors completely understand that knowledge is power, and the ultimate in personal freedom. They have a book, CD, or mp3 on success handy, at all times. It makes no difference if they are in year 3 or year 30 in practice.

3. Lastly, these doctors know what they want. They can spout off their goals and aspirations with great clarity. And when their mental pictures become cloudy, they pause, reflect, and redirect. Ultimately, these doctors make their own decisions, after gathering all the data, and truly decide what’s in their own best interest, as they tweak and fine-tune their game plans. To the core, they are internally focused, but ever vigilant to support in every way possible those who mean the most to them.

The good news is that changing from mediocrity to complete fulfillment and happiness is as simple as hitting just these three things. Practice each point daily until this successful mindset becomes almost second nature to you. Success is well within your reach as a private practitioner. Follow these steps and you will quickly see the benefits in your personal and professional life.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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