Benefits of a Staff-Driven Private Practice

The Benefits of Creating a Staff-Driven Private Practice

Make Your Private Practice Sing By Training Your Staff To Take Charge of Practice Success. Here’s Why.

Yes, you’re the CEO and executive director of your private practice. But smart private practice owners seek to create a practice in which their entire team—including every staff member—takes an active, autonomous role in building and maintaining the practice.

In this type of  practice, the owner provides daily and weekly instructions to staff simply as a means of coordinating efforts, rather than as external motivation to do their jobs.

For this system to work, you need a trustworthy and competent staff in which every member has been fully trained on their job duties AND on the mission of your private practice. This kind of staff member doesn’t simply show up, do their assigned duties, and leave. They are an integral part of the success of the practice because they create and expand the job every day.

In a private practice that is staff-driven, all staff members share equally in the responsibility and positive energy of daily struggles and triumphs in the office.

Some of the benefits of a staff-driven private practice include:

  • Increased morale. Staff members will worker harder and smarter when they understand and support the vision of your practice. They’ll have a sense of belonging that leads them to take pride in their work and innovate new ideas and solutions as needed.
  • Improved work-life balance for you as the private practice owner. Without a staff-driven practice, you’ll find yourself feeling like a stagecoach driver flogging a tired horse. When your office runs smoothly and on its own volition, taking direction from you on improvements and growth rather than relying on you for motivation to produce simply average results, you’ll be able to spend more of your time on the rest of your life outside the office.
  • Building for the future. It’s short-sighted to focus only on this quarter and this year. What about ten years in the future? What about retiring and selling your private practice? When you’ve built a staff-driven practice, you’ll be able to step away without the entire practice crumbling—and that means you’ll have a valuable asset when you’re ready to sell.

You may wonder how to get to this point from where you are now. What kind of hiring, managing, and executive direction skills are needed to build a staff-driven private practice?

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