Healthcare Changes and Your Specialty Practice

Specialty Practice Can Benefit from the New Competitive Patient Mindset

Recent changes in the healthcare landscape can provide a boost to growth in your specialty practice—if you have the right goals in mind.

Many specialty practice owners have been viewing new healthcare laws and systems in the United States with a mixture of fear, outrage, and dismay.

You may be wondering how all these changes will affect your private practice… and assuming that things will be changing for the worse. How can a specialty practice possibly survive in this environment?

If you’ve been viewing healthcare changes as a circumstance that will doom your specialty practice, it’s time to think again.

Why? Because all of these changes can actually HELP you to grow your specialty practice to its upper limit—as long as you have the right mindset about the direction you’re headed.

All of these healthcare law changes have caused a shift in the typical patient mindset. It used to be that patients would do whatever their doctor said to do, or have whatever procedure was covered as standard by their insurance company.

These days, self-pay patients are looking at value. They want the most bang for their buck. That means they’re shopping around and looking for the provider who will provide exceptional care that justifies the cost of services. They view provider rates as an investment in their long-term health, and they want a good return on their investment.

This is great news! This patient, who is discerning and makes an informed decision when choosing a specialty practice, is exactly the kind of patient that you need to attract and keep in order to make your specialty practice thrive.

You don’t want patients who follow the old episodic treatment model: coming into the office when they’re in pain and then falling away. You want patients who seek expert collaboration and a long-term relationship working toward their continuing health. That patient is the very picture of loyalty, and he or she will joyfully refer you to family and friends.

When your patients are focused on their long-term health, then the long-term health of your specialty practice will be a given.

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