Social Networking and your Practice

One area in private practice receiving lots of attention is social or on-line networking.

If you question its effectiveness, consider this year’s USA Presidential Election. The candidates are everywhere, penetrating Facebook, Twitter, and tons of sponsored on and offline ads. Literally controlling the on-line PR efforts of their campaigns.

Social networking is something you should be engaged in. The rules are surprisingly similar to face-to-face networking. Be polite, time effective, and professional.

Just realize right up front that your reach online is enormous, potentially worldwide and gives you tremendous exposure to just about anyone.

With all the social networking you may do, whether it’s Twitter or Facebook, it’s very important to be real though. Share something of yourself. Let potential patients see you are human. Post some neat photos too. Invite patients to join you too.

Do this right, post things of value, such as a linked blog post, and you are building your network, and your practice, on-line.

One area that I really think doctors are grossly underutilizing is using Linkedin. I encourage anyone reading this to get your Linkedin account up, and get linked to our account and your patients networks ASAP. Literally, you could be introduced to hundreds of potential patients in very short order.

Herein lies the real benefit of social networking and your practice.

Access to enormous numbers of people, and if you’re good, viral marketing at its finest!

This can have huge benefits in terms of information sharing, and most especially practice building. I have already seen cross professional referrals, from professionals who are also patients. And this was from just a few initial professional contacts we started with.

Hopefully from this brief introduction you recognize how powerful networking can be. If you’re late to the social networking arena, so be it. But, you can change it all within a couple of hours.

So, what are you waiting for?

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!


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