Social Media for Private Practice Owners

If you regularly engage in our style Social Media for Private Practice Owners, you will have an incredible private practice building advantage.

And in today’s world, this is a huge understatement!

In fact, on-line Social Media for Private Practice Owners platforms are where patients and other professionals now go to first when looking for someone or something!!!

Historically, not only in our own experience but also with research studies that have been done, doctors and private practice owners are still falling behind other groups when it comes to the use of social networking.

Social Media for Private Practice Owners has just two basic rules.

Rule 1: Your personal participation is limited, mainly to oversight and responding to comments appropriately. In other words, as one of my confidants advised me some time ago, limit your personal time to no more than a few minutes a couple times per day. Just like we do for our specialty practice clients, you should be sure to outsource much of the content & posting process!

Rule 2: When you do post personally, make sure what you are contributing is of interest and benefit.

Post something interesting. Post questions about things you need help on or recommendations. Get your patients involved! Answer them as their chosen professional. Get new and former patients using these platforms on your reception room, and sharing your tips with their friends!

Remember, the information you can share is limitless. As long as it’s done in a professional and timely manner, everybody will benefit.

So, let’s cover some of the more common social media sites: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. I’d like to address these individually a little bit at a time. They’re all very important, and each has its place.

With regard to online social networks, Facebook is still the most widely used in North America. In addition to your own practice site. I you to cautiously participate in on-line forums that will provide visibility and the opportunity to have a professional and friendly image. Facebook would be number one on my list, not only in my personal experience but in the experience of the other people in private practice we talk with every day.

One of the other advantages of Facebook is you can post videos directly.

You can do this with other sites as well, but Facebook and YouTube are so hardwired in through Google that the opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

Twitter is another site where we place our clients in front of thousands and thousands of people quickly.

One major caveat with all social media sites is to understand that when you post, it is permanent.

You have to keep in mind it is subject to the highest level of public scrutiny. One of the scariest things now, not just for private practice owners but other people, is that Facebook and other online posts are being used against them in legal matters.

So be professional, cautious and intelligent about what you’re doing.

The next site is LinkedIn. It takes a little bit more time in itially but with regard to networking it’s a must have with a visible, professional look and feel. LinkedIn also sends regular updates by email of what’s going on with other members of your network. It also gives us a good idea of what other things might be going on with the other online communities.

If you are not already personally involved in your social platforms, get out there!

Be professional, friendly and proud, and take some time with it.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!


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