self-care for private practice ownership

The Importance of Self-Care in Private Practice Ownership

Are You Practicing Good Self-Care? Why This Matters So Much for Private Practice Ownership

You probably tell your patients that they need to take good care of their bodies in order to function well and cope with the stress of illness or chronic pain. But are you practicing what you preach? Many private practice owners don’t follow their own advice!

Your private practice may be as unique as your individual human experience—but the basics of self-care are the same for everyone, doctor or patient.

Just in case you’ve forgotten, here are a few of the most basic needs you have to meet on a regular basis for optimum health: Adequate sleep. Good nutrition—not fast food and caffeine. Fulfilling relationships. Aerobic exercise. Time alone to recharge (for introverts) or invigorating time with others (for extroverts). Spiritual connection and a sense of meaning.

What does your health have to do with private practice ownership? Think of yourself, the owner and director of your practice, as the queen bee of your professional hive—the office and staff you’ve built. The hive depends entirely on you to survive. No matter how hard the worker drones are flying around and gathering resources, if the queen bee is in poor health, the welfare of the entire hive is at stake.

You’re not a machine or a robot, and you can’t keep going endlessly day after day without regular recharging, both physically and mentally. If you’re spending each day just powering through, you are probably not doing your best work (or being the best director for your staff). But if you show up at the office each day refueled and ready for anything, you’ll be able to provide effective leadership that truly builds a sustainable private practice.

Take a few moments right now to consider your self-care practices. Which areas are going well? Which ones need a little nurturing? Come up with at least two types of self-care that you’re going to focus on this week that will help build a long-term future for your private practice ownership.

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I wish you the best along your journeys!

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