The Six Most Common Roadblocks To an Extraordinary Practice

This week in our Perfect Practice Tips series we are examining the six most common obstacles to successful private practice management.  Today we will review two most common roadblocks.

Roadblock One: The absence of a cyclical calendar of events and promotions

Every office should have a detailed, comprehensive calendar of events and promotions. This should be a core system. The competitive nature of today’s private practice makes this tool mandatory. The calendar enables both the staff and the doctor to know exactly what is expected on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, providing everyone with the knowledge necessary to effectively execute the plan, and allowing everyone to keep an eye on progress toward short and long-term goals.

A calendar system can be created from something as simple as pencil on paper. It may take a little effort on the front end to develop an all inclusive calendar for your practice, but the good news is that once this is effectively developed, the calendar can be used as a template year after year.

Roadblock Two: Haphazard Hiring Practices 

Many doctors encounter, or more accurately, create roadblocks related to hiring practices and staffing. Conducting hiring in a haphazard way is a recipe for trouble.  Prior to beginning the hiring process, you should have a procedure in place, designed to ensure you find and hire only the best candidates. Put these procedures in writing, so that you and your team know what to do before you begin.

Your procedures should include requirements like performing background checks and screening references. Doctors who choose to skip these steps, in order to save time and hire quickly, are inviting potential chaos into their offices. Failing to appropriately screen candidates can create huge problems.

Your procedures should also require that potential new hires go through skills testing, for example:

• rapid keyboarding skills
• basic computer literacy
• filing ability
• spelling andbasic reading comprehension

You should also check for the ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing, and talk to previous employers about the candidate’s time management skills.

Remember, it is your responsibility to your existing team members to make sure that any new employees you bring onto the team have the inherent capacity to contribute to the success of the team as the practice grows and expands. Do not hire a future problem. Ensure that you are hiring help for your team members by creating good hiring procedures and adhering to them.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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