Frequent, Relevant Content

Frequent, relevant content…

“Dear John, …I want you to know that I’ve read each and every piece of research material which you sent over the past few years and appreciate the fact that you do what you do. I especially enjoyed…”

“I just have to tell you how much I appreciate your staying in touch with me! I love your newsletters and cards, especially the one with you on the motorcycle…”

Comments such as these come to me often, from Attorneys, wellness patients, high school guidance counselors – individuals from all walks of life.

Practitioners I consult with ask me all the time: “What’s the SINGLE best way to build my professional  practice?” (Or any business for that matter).

The answer from both of us is always the same:

“Frequent, relevant content!”

I have done newsletters, and cards for patients and professionals for over 30 years. All the while, many patients continue to support my practice while the MDs and JDs continue to send me patients.

Today it’s multiple social media sites, Instant Patient Newsletter twice monthly, mailings, reminder cards, phone calls, birthday cards, and referral thank you’s…

All done on autopilot.

Fact is, today this is easier to accomplish these stay-in-touch strategies and less expensive than ever.

How many practices are really good at it? Hint: The big ones are.

But most offices never, ever systematize this.

Or they look at the checkbook and stop, or “cut back cause I was slow”.

Or now it’s “a few might not like it and opt-out”.

Big mistake! Leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table over a career!

So, if you are going to fix just one thing in your practice today, let this be it!

Then, go to work on every other system!

I wish you the best along your journeys!

Want to learn more about how to build your private practice?

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Have a great day!


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