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Change Your Marketing Mindset to Bring In More Referrals

How to Transform Your Private Practice Marketing to Reach Your Ideal Customer

Do you love marketing?

Most private practice owners think of marketing as a necessary evil—a dreaded chore that must be done in order to get new patients in the door. But you can distinguish yourself with private practice marketing that genuinely attracts new business because of the positive energy you’ve poured into it.

Think of how it feels to walk into a dentist’s office, for example. There are some pretty standard things that you expect because they’re the same in almost every dental office: popular magazines, photos of smiling people on the walls, an easy listening station piped into the waiting room.

But imagine that you walk into a dental office and experience pleasant surprises. What if the dentist stepped out into the waiting room personally to introduce himself and say how nice it was to meet you? What if, at the end of your first appointment, the office staff gave you two $5 gift cards—one for you and one to pass on to a friend? You’d feel that the dentist and his staff truly wanted to connect with you and make your day nicer.

The same can be true of your private practice marketing efforts. When you approach marketing as a pleasant opportunity to make connections with new patients, rather than as a mundane or tiresome duty, your actions will bring in more business.

Here’s one more way to look at it: think of marketing as a form of customer service (for new customers who don’t know you personally yet). Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Who would you rather have serving you? The tired customer service rep who is merely going through the motions? Or someone who reaches out to you sincerely and asks how to best serve you today?

Patients can tell when your marketing is heartfelt, and when it’s just going through the motions. In private practice marketing, choose to make real connections every time and you’ll enjoy better referrals.

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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