When It Comes to Productivity in Your Specialty Practice, Are You Just Spinning Your Wheels?

Specialty Practice Isn’t About Productivity—Unless You’re Producing The Right Kind of Work to Sustain Your Long-Term Vision

You work hard, every single day, to keep your specialty practice going—all the moving parts that are inherent in managing a business. You show up with a good positive can-do attitude and put in the hours. You try to make every day as productive as possible, with something to show for it all when you close up the doors at the end of the day. You read the time management and productivity books that tell you how to stay on top of your inbox and touch base with all of the facets of your business.

You’re putting in all the elements they told you about: hard work, passion and enthusiasm, willingness to problem-solve.

But, in the end, does any of that really matter?

There’s so much more to a sustainable specialty practice than just greasing the day-to-day mechanisms to keep it running. It’s not enough to simply work in your business, as if you were an employee. You’re the mastermind of your specialty practice, the source of its true viability. Without a clear long-term vision, when it comes down to it, you’re just spinning your wheels.

What you need is clarity, access to relevant decision-making information, and the kind of high-level business skills that will allow you create a customized path to sustainability and profitability. In other words, you need a road map to success in specialty private practice.

Otherwise, you’ll be lost in the wilderness of day-to-day decisions, never seeing the big picture of where your specialty practice is headed. If you want to be the one driving your practice, instead of simply being driven by external circumstances and the endless nagging needs of daily tasks, you’ve got to climb into the driver’s seat.

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