Leveling The Field in Private Practice

Imagine what would happen in your private practice if you just went back into each critical system in your office and made some tiny tweaks!

One of things I like most about what I do as a consultant is watch my clients growing their businesses, and at the same time cut their stress levels. And then of course drastically improve the quality of their relationships and lifestyles.

The most interesting thing is that very often it’s just some tiny tweaks to procedures, usually their office systems that are responsible for their immense private practice growth.

A couple weeks ago I talked about the concept of simply working off lists. Although still a huge advocate of pen and legal pads, everything we do now in all our business and practice is also electronic, and synced across my Macs, iPhone, and iPad!

I have had more people call and write about their success stories just by simply putting into practice this process of keeping, and then of course managing, better lists.

Imagine what would happen in your private practice if you just went back into each critical system in your office and applied the very same strategy?

Usually, two things happen almost immediately.

One is, stress levels on all parties, namely your staff, goes way down, while simultaneously their personal accountability, and own self esteem, raises.

The second thing that almost universally happens is that the practice capacity to handle more patients, and then generate significantly more income often increases dramatically.

But the real hidden gem in all of this, that levels the field in all private practices is when the owners act like the incredible CEOs they can be and simply apply these basic concepts to their personal lives!

Why is this so?

Because, when you work from well defined lists you actually get more done!

Secondly, you’ll  sleep better because you’ve cut out the worry and guilt factors.

Lastly, you have created the mental space or capacity to be more!

And then almost like magic, the world responds in kind and sends you more opportunities to help more patients along the way!

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!


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