Private Practice on the Web: Does Your Website Have These Essential Features?

In private practice, your website has to have specific components in order to effectively draw in new patients.

Here’s a fact: Most patients these days are finding medical providers online. Even if you’re recommended by someone else, there’s a good chance that new patients are going to take a look at your website before calling to make that first appointment.

We’ve put together a list of the most essential features that your private practice website needs to act as a beacon for growing your practice.

Your private practice website should:

  • Load almost instantly. People won’t wait for more than a few seconds to see what’s there.
    Offer up-to-date and useful content for patients. You need to be adding new content, whether it’s a blog or a library of articles, several times monthly.
  • Allow you to track who visits, what they click on, and other metrics. This is key to knowing what you need to change on your private practice site. Without data, you’re just guessing.
  • Include links to your presence on social media sites such as Facebook. Ideally, every blog post or article also has a “share” link so that patients can tell others about your content.
  • Provide a “call to action” on every page. Sometimes this is an actual action you’d like the viewer to take, such as calling for an appointment. Sometimes it’s just nudging readers to click on a different page in order to keep them on the site.
  • Use appropriate keywords, but in an organic and natural-sounding way. If you don’t have the right keywords, search engines will ignore your private practice site. But if the content on your website seems forced or irrelevant because it’s too focused on keyword usage, then both human readers and Google will lose interest. Balance is key.
  • Work correctly in every browser and on mobile devices. It’s imperative to test your website on multiple browsers and viewing devices. You’d be surprised at how many potential patients are looking at your website on their smart phone or a tablet, and it’s a real turn-off if your site looks awful in a mobile format.

Overwhelmed by all this technical stuff? Even private practice owners need to get up to speed on the world of online marketing in order to survive and thrive. But you don’t have to go it alone.

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I wish you the best along your journeys!

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