For Private Practice Success, Check Your Mindset

The Missing Link in Private Practice Success: Check Your Mindset

You May Think That External Factors Will Make or Break Your Private Practice Success. In Reality, Your Mindset Drives Your Practice.

Every day you navigate the ins and outs of your private practice and wear a number of different hats. As a private practice owner, you make the key decisions that drive the future of your business. And as a clinician, of course, you’re also working in your practice from day to day as you treat patients.

But how do you treat them? As commodities, or as unique individuals?

How do you treat your business? As a job that you attend every day to bring in a paycheck, or as a delicate ecosystem that requires your own hand to survive and thrive?

Your mindset determines everything—from your earning power to your life-work balance and overall satisfaction.

In essence, private practice success is so dependent on mindset because it has two components. Your mindset drives your vision for private practice success, the long-term picture of your practice’s health. Your mindset also functions as your biggest and best marketing tool.

When patients feel heard, cared for, and well handled, they reward you with continued business and referrals. But if you come across as distracted, distant, or gruff, you’ll lose patients—not just the ones in your office right now, but also those referrals down the road. When patients are paying out of pocket, they expect more. Unsatisfied, they’ll take their business elsewhere—no matter how good you are as a clinician. It takes so much more than good technical work to achieve private practice success.

Building a successful mindset is more than just having a great attitude and effective bedside manner. In the end, it’s all about vision and planning.

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