Know Your Private Practice “Seasons”

Astute private practice owners know that using seasonality to their advantage can have HUGE benefits in their clinics.

Seasonality: seasons of the year and natural cycles. Why is this important for private practice owners?

Seasons and cycles govern movement of the natural kingdom of mammals, birds, fish, and people!

Think about it. When you were a little kid, did you act differently knowing summer or winter was about to end or begin?

Of course you did! And if you ski, boat, or otherwise play outside, you still know exactly what I am talking about!

Astute marketers and private practice owners know that using seasonality to their advantage can have HUGE benefits in their clinics too. Think about what’s on patients’ minds at any given time of the year, and compliment and embrace it!

For example, every holiday season doing little extras for patients, things like “making your life simpler” with Gifts of Health can not only BOOST your private practice’s own income, but can also make your patients lives easier during the holiday gift giving season. It but also encourages them refer—while your colleagues are complaining about being slow “this time of year”.

Now, those who really master this also engage patients during the seasons of their lives—births, weddings, and even at a time of grief. It’s compassionate to do so… but also good business.

It could be you never thought about private practice like this. If this is all new to you, you may want to pick up a copy of “Maximum Referrals”, a DVD I did a few years back, to help plan the marketing year out in advance.

Of course, we embrace seasonality. To count yourself in the ranks of the ultra successful private practice owner, start thinking and planning in this way too!

Just remember, these tips can be used year after year. Time spent now building your plan will have impact upon your private practice growth for years to come!


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