Private Practice Relationships

What do you talk about with your patients?

Do your patients have a clear understanding of the care plans you set for them?

Do you talk only about pain? Covered visits?

Or do you talk with your patients about how they can have a longer, healthier life with the energy and physical capacity to engage their passions to their fullest?

Do you teach your patients about how to be continuously looking and feeling spectacular? Or how they can have more energy than people 10-15 years younger?

Ask yourself these questions, because this is exactly what your care does for people!

If you are not currently fully engaged along these lines, this is where I advocate that you spend a lot of time investigating how the practice development programs we have developed for you can best be deployed to make all of this your reality too.

Always remember, these are the patients that tell everyone about their doctors. They gladly pay for the service you provide. And they come back year after year, referring their friends, kids, and grandkids! So you can see how building a solid relationship with your patients can help you grow your practice.

First and foremost you and your entire team need to effectively communicate the true value and most meaningful benefits of what you offer your patients. Is your team crisp, efficient, friendly and understanding? Do they go out of their way to make the office a place people love to come to, and tell everyone they know? Do they also fully support you, or stress you out way too much? This also, is a choice. Your choice. 

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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Have a great day!


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