Private Practice Owners, Tell Your Patients What to Do

Private Practice Owners, Are You Telling Your Patients What to Do?

Without a clear call to action in every communication, private practice owners leave patients floundering in a sea of good intentions.

We have previously explored on this blog some of the reasons WHY you need a clear call to action in every single communication with patients. In other words, it’s essential for private practice owners to tell patients exactly what to do and lead them by the hand to the next interaction.

But don’t think that calls to action are limited to a “buy now” or “make an appointment now” button at the end of a blog post.

A call to action can take many forms—most of which are overlooked by most private practice owners.

And that’s good news for you, because it means your competition likely hasn’t figured it all out yet. You can get ahead of the curve by innovating with calls to action.

Start by making a list of every type of way that you communicate with potential and current patients.

Now, for each item on that list, look for an opportunity to tell them what to do next. Think about what you want to accomplish through that communication, and then craft a brief but clear call to action that urges the patient to follow through with a specific action.

Remember that patients are more likely to follow through on a call to action that addresses one of the patient’s own desires. Private practice owners need to be sure to craft the message with an eye toward psychological factors. And keep it simple!

Here are a few potential examples of calls to action that go beyond a simple “call now.”

  • Give patients the opportunity for a no-cost group consultation or Q&A with you at specified times and require registration.
  • Direct patients to a specific social media page or event.
  • Ask patients to subscribe to your blog so they never miss a post.
  • Request for patients to email you with specific questions on certain topic so that you can respond in a blog post or create an event around it.

Sometimes private practice owners need to be told what to do next in their marketing—is this you? Check out our mentoring and coaching programs. 

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