Benefits of a Staff-Driven Private Practice

Private Practice Owners Must Understand This Key Idea About Staff Morale

Many Private Practice Owners Don’t Know How to Keep Their Staff Members Productive. The Answer Is Simple.

Like so many other private practice owners, you’ve worked hard to build your staff. After going to all of the expense and trouble of hiring and training support staff who are competent and trustworthy, you’d like to keep them on as long as possible.

But how can you do that? What really keeps private practice staff happy and productive?

The key lies in customer service… in which your staff is your number one customer.

Yes, it’s true that without patients, there would be no private practice. In that sense, the customer comes first. But consider where you’d be without that dedicated staff. How could you serve patients then?

If you make sure to devote time and energy to keeping your staff morale high—not just occasionally, but every day—you will find that you’ll keep patients coming back, too. A happy staff is a welcoming, attentive staff, and patients will notice the difference.

So what are some concrete ways that private practice owners can keep their staff members satisfied and productive?

Say “thank you.” Not occasionally, not just at staff meetings, but in every moment possible. Verbalize your appreciation every chance you get, in big (formal) ways and small (informal) ways. Build in a reward system for meeting productivity goals. Private practice owners who want to prosper make their staff feel valued.

Ask for employee input, and actually take it into consideration. Your staff has an intimate knowledge of what makes their work environment positive—and what makes their professional lives difficult. Find multiple ways to invite input, both public and private. When staff raise a good idea, implement it!

Get to know the personal lives and preferences of individual staff members. Learn their birthdays, the names of their spouses and children and dogs, and their favorite sports teams. Spell their names correctly in memos—you’d be surprised how many private practice owners don’t bother with this detail!

Don’t assume that staff are happy in their current positions or even career fields. If you are having conversations with staff (formal and informal) about their career goals and hopes for the future, you’ll be able to support them in relevant milestones. Just as important, you won’t be caught off guard by a sudden career change.

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I wish you the best along your journeys!

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