Mobile Marketing for Private Practice Owners

Private Practice Owners Can’t Afford to Ignore Mobile Marketing

Private Practice Owners, Is Your Website “Mobile Friendly”? It Matters—and Here’s Why.

We all have some type of mobile device these days, whether it’s a smart phone or a tablet. And most people use these devices for far more than simply placing a call or checking email.

Gone are the days when you “could” use this to your advantage. Going mobile is no longer a choice for private practice owners.

In fact, these days, if you’re not actively using mobile marketing as a private practice owner, your business is already on its way downhill.

It’s not enough to have a great website, good reviews on Yelp, and a social media presence. Unless you are focused specifically on reaching mobile patients, none of the rest will matter.

Here’s why…

Not only do new patients look up information about you on the Internet before making an appointment, they often do this on the go. That means two things:

The prospective patient is standing in line at the post office, or waiting in the car pool line, while searching for information about your private practice. He or she has a very short attention span and will click away quickly.

No matter how awesome your website may appear on someone’s home computer, if it isn’t mobile friendly, you’ve already lost the majority of prospective patients out there. If it’s just too hard to view your site on a tiny iPhone screen, or if your site uses outdated code that doesn’t show up well on a phone or tablet, patients won’t keep trying. They’ll click away.

There’s plenty you can do to actively encourage mobile users. For example, did you realize that making your phone number clickable on your website means that many mobile users can simply tap the number to place a call? On the other hand, a non-clickable phone number has to be copied and pasted, and most prospective patients won’t bother.

It’s tough for private practice owners to navigate the mobile marketing waters alone. Looking for expert assistance? Check out our mentoring and coaching programs.

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