Marketing Rules for Private Practice

Every Private Practice Owner Should Add This Key Success Factor Right Away

Here’s how to stay ahead of the game as a private practice owner. You can take proactive steps to make sure you’re driving the growth of your business, instead of letting overwhelm drive you into the ground.

You already know that owning and managing a private practice is a multifaceted job. In fact, it’s not just one job; every successful private practice owner performs multiple jobs over the course of a week, from staff management to marketing—oh, and being an excellent clinician, too!

Your clinical skill is the foundation of your business, but it can’t be your only focus. Even with a highly skilled staff to support you, it’s essential for you to be a core part of your practice, not just in the exam room or behind a desk, but with a presence in every aspect of your office.

With all of these responsibilities looming every day, how can the private practice owner avoid becoming overwhelmed? We all know that feelings of overwhelm can lead to distraction, procrastination, and falling behind on everything from office visits to paperwork—all of which has a negative ripple effect on your staff and the health of your business.

The essential factor in your success will be a methodical and proactive approach to the health of your business. As a private practice owner, you have to avoid the trap of staying busy but accomplishing little that benefits your long-range vision for your private practice. In short, you need a game plan, and you need to schedule time in EVERY day to follow through.

If you only make ONE improvement in your approach, it should be the addition of time slots during your week that are dedicated to business-related training materials. This doesn’t just mean being in your office and having a pile of things to read on your desk. For maximum effectiveness, make these hours work for you by isolating yourself with the materials—no cell phone or taking office calls, and absolutely no disturbance allowed except in a true emergency.

And it’s not enough to simply read through training materials. Know your learning style, take notes in a way that is meaningful for you, and find ways to implement what you’ve learned immediately so that it becomes part of your experience, not just intellectual knowledge. When you put new learnings into practice, you’ll be truly learning, and that’s what helps your private practice to grow.

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