Private Practice and the New Word of Mouth Process

Private Practice and the New “Word of Mouth”

Does your private practice leverage the power of today’s “word of mouth?

Sometimes private practice owners seem to pine for the old days, when marketing simply took care of itself through an organic “word of mouth” process. Existing patients would tell their friends and family about you, and you’d get a phone call from those new patients based on nothing except your reputation for good clinical work.

That’s an attractive model because it is entirely passive on the part of the private practice owner. Just focus on being a good clinician, and patients will come!

Unfortunately, if it ever worked that way in days past, it certainly doesn’t work that way anymore. The passive private practice owner will not be in business for long.

That’s because today’s patient is well-informed, has high expectations of your marketing efforts, and has many local options other than your private practice.

The “word of mouth” process can still be a powerful one, but the process has changed. Now, almost without exception, the Internet is the middle man between you and new patients.

These days, when a patient speaks well of you to family and friends, those individuals won’t just pick up the phone and call you. If they’re interested in your services, they’ll pick up a mobile device and Google you. If they can’t find your website because it’s buried in page 25 of the search results—or if your private practice site is hard to navigate, you’ll lose that new patient within 10 seconds. You’re forgettable.
Worse, if the prospective patient finds your site and spends a couple of minutes reading what’s there, only to be disappointed because there’s no relevant content or call to action, that patient will only remember that you didn’t meet their needs.

Your private practice website is the missing link between “word of mouth” referrals and scheduling a new patient.

Not sure how to improve your website or other marketing tactics? Marketing for your private practice is a major focus of our mentoring and coaching programs.


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