Use Storytelling for Private Practice Marketing

Private Practice Marketing Success Lies in Telling Your Story

Storytelling is the most powerful marketing tool for any private practice. Here’s how to leverage it.

We all love a good story, don’t we?

That’s why office gossip is so enticing for some, and it’s why we feel compelled to give at the holidays to provide for those who are not as fortunate.

Effective marketing is all about telling a memorable story that gets patients engaged and makes them care about your private practice.

You may think that you’re already telling that story in your marketing materials. After all, your website has a great bio of you that describes your training and your hobbies, plus that great snapshot of the staff…

Think bigger, and think deeper, when it comes to storytelling as a way to distinguish your private practice.

Use your blog or newsletter to enhance your authoritative stance. The best way to do this isn’t necessary by providing wellness tips, although these have their place. Instead, in the voice of the experienced and caring clinician, share case studies that put a human face on your private practice.

Designate someone on your staff to be the non-clinical representative storyteller. Who is the public face of your private practice? That person already has a relationship with your patients, and you can find ways on your site or on social media to highlight the voice of the team to add a more personal note to marketing messages.

Use branding as the framework for telling patients how your private practice came to be and why its mission is important to you as the private practice owner. Step away from talking about your practice from a distant, third-person aspect. Instead, be the face and voice of your private practice’s mission. Develop a marketing plan that showcases your personal involvement with patients and within your community.

Ready to explore more nuances of successful marketing for your private practice? Join us for 12 Secrets of Private Practice Mastery.


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