Private Practice Owners and Content Marketing

Private Practice Owners, Are You Following These Content Marketing Guidelines?

Content marketing is easier when you follow these guidelines for private practice.

Most private practice owners know that content marketing is a key aspect of a successful promotion strategy.

Unfortunately, it’s also true that most private practice owners are making some major missteps in their content marketing efforts. That means their efforts are being wasted because potential patients just aren’t going to respond positively and engage unless content is done effectively.

Here are some basic guidelines that every private practice owner should keep in mind when planning a content marketing strategy.

Don’t push for the sale.

Yes, you want to include a call to action—but just ask for one baby step, not a huge commitment.

Keep it focused.

Know the purpose of every single piece of content you produce. What is it that you want the reader to do? Likewise, make sure that all of your content has a consistent message.

Keep it consistent.

If there is more than one person in your office coming up with content, it’s important for it to be filtered through only one person (ideally, the private practice owner) so that all content has a similar voice and style.

Forget about “going viral.”

Too many private practice owners get obsessed with the idea of producing something that will get picked up quickly and spread all over the Internet. The problem is, you can’t force something to go viral. The other problem is that going viral doesn’t lead to long-term exposure; there will just be something new in everyone’s Facebook feed tomorrow. Just focus on useful, long-term content.

Remember to focus on local.

The Internet makes it possible to access your private practice website from nearly anywhere in the world—but let’s face it, your prospective patients are local. So be sure to build local references into your content. Then prospective patients will view you as part of THEIR neighborhood.

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