Private Practice Made Simple? Here’s How It’s Done!

Trouble is not far away when decisions are not based on knowledge of current private practice requirements.

Now don’t get me wrong: any business, especially modern health care, has all types of rules, regulations, and complexities built in. There is no escaping that fact.

DoctorsIt seems the rules are always made by those who are most clueless about what it takes to run a business—and have little if any real world experience to draw from.

Still, it is up to us to make our own decisions about HOW to deal with all the issues we are confronted with daily, in the most effective way possible.

But trouble is not far away when decisions are not based on knowledge of current private practice requirements.

For us as health care pros, our professional training usually falls miserably short, or just happened too long ago to be relevant today. Unless you have an MBA or other business training, so much of your day’s time will be spent just trying to sort things out—think hiring, training, and effective marketing out.

The problem, of course, is, you only make money with income-producing NOT valuable TIME-consuming activities.

So what’s the answer?

Do as all the greats in any business do: 1. Purchase specialized knowledge about running your practice, so it does not run you, and 2. Learn to hire your “deficiencies”.

Now, as a private practice owner, our “deficiencies” may include staffing policies, updating rulebooks and posted regulations, or tax and patient data protection policies.

Not to mention a myriad of other legal and accounting complexities.

The most critical of all is marketing. Marketing is the lifeblood of your practice. Do this one wrong, and you may as well ignore everything else, as it will soon become immaterial.

Because of how quickly things change, you MUST do both of these on a regular basis.

Honestly, thinking we can do otherwise is delusional.

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