Private Practice Growth “Secret”?

Implementation and Management of Systems is the Most Powerful Private Practice Growth “Secret!”

Undoubtedly, the single biggest failure in Private Practice is the failure to stay in touch with not only your patient base, but also all potential referral sources.

Commonly I am asked, “What is the most powerful way to get my practice re-energized; to really get things moving along again?”

Before we talk about that answer though, let’s understand completely that if you’re having this conversation with yourself, something essential is missing from your practice systems.

You see, the longer you are in practice, the easier it should be to maintain patient volume and income. If this is not the case, it simply means you have failed to communicate the value of your services to a significant number of patients. And the same is probably true for your community, as well as your ally professional referral sources.

Another critical mistake is failing to understand the effects of pricing on your profitability. Too often, we underestimate the amount of patient visits necessary to not only maintain profitability, but also allow for things such as new equipment, regular savings, retirement funding, ect.

Undoubtedly, the single biggest failure for practice owners is the failure to stay in touch with not only your patient base, but also all potential referral sources.

And this needs to be done through variety of methods. You also need to communicate differently to prospective patients than you do with existing patients.

But once your systems are set up and in place, they simply need to be tweaked and maintained.

You will have to account for societal changes following the outside world, but also in other areas that move very rapidly, such as the social media.

There are also many other things we could put into this category. This would include your hours, your decor, and especially the maintenance of these. Staffing, of course, is a crucial and very closely-aligned issue.

So, as you can see, implementation and management of systems is the most powerful private practice growth secret!

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