Does Your Private Practice Website Need a Facelift?

Does Your Private Practice Website Need a Facelift—Or an Overhaul?

If you’re thinking of updating your private practice website, be aware: it’s not enough for your site just to look better.

Too often, private practice owners make the mistake of confusing beauty and brawn when it comes to their websites.

In other words, it’s not enough to give an outdated website a facelift when what it probably needs is a full structural overhaul. Your website has to do a lot of “heavy lifting” as a marketing tool.

Yes, your site needs to look good. It should be easy on the eyes, visually compelling, and easy to navigate. But there’s so much more to an effective private practice website.

For instance:

It needs to load quickly. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of potential new patients. If the first few seconds are taken up by loading, those people will click away and find another site that meets their needs.

It needs to show up well on mobile devices. If your site uses a template designed five or more years ago, it will not be mobile friendly. Not many but MOST people are searching for private practice information on their phones or other mobile devices. If your site appears tiny, is hard to navigate, or doesn’t flow well with the way mobile users operate, you’ve lost them.

It needs high-quality content that follows current SEO guidelines. People are searching for specific information. When you can offer that information and even more, they’ll stay on your site longer and want to contact you for help.

It needs a way to capture email addresses and build a mailing list. You need to know who’s reading and be able to provide additional content to them on an ongoing basis.

It needs a call to action (persuasive but not pushy) on every single page and blog post.

Is your private practice website a true marketing tool, or just a pretty face?

We support private practice owners on tough marketing and sustainability questions like these in our mentoring and coaching programs.


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