Private Practice and the New Word of Mouth Process

What Private Practice Owners Must Understand About Content Marketing

Content marketing is effective, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s what private practice owners need to know.

You’ve heard it again and again in the past couple of years: content marketing is the new and most effective way to reach new patients for your private practice.

You may even have a pretty good idea of what content marketing IS, in theory, and why it should help your private practice thrive.

But do you know the particulars? In other words, exactly what kind of content should you be producing and disseminating on a regular basis to support your private practice marketing plan?

Remember first of all that the two main purposes of content marketing are to gain trust and to position yourself as an authority. (Guess what? Self-promotion is not the main focus of the content you should be producing.)

With that in mind, here are several types of content that everyone in private practice should be offering to prospective patients.

A blog on your website with curated content. You don’t have to produce all the content for a blog on your own. Instead, offer weekly (or more often) curated posts on a specific topic relevant to your private practice. Give readers a brief summary of news, videos, blog articles, and other online resources on one topic along with links.

A library of articles on your private practice site that address common questions and concerns. Think of this as cornerstone content that creates the foundation of your content marketing strategy. What do patients ask you the most? What are prospective patients searching for? You can provide the answers they need.

Ebooks on narrow topics that prospective patients frequently search for on Google. You can create a series of short, informative ebooks that go into more detail about common concerns that bring patients to your private practice.

Remember, any of these types of content marketing for private practice can be effectively outsourced.

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