Private Practice Bullpen- Ensure Good Staffing!

Private Practice Bullpen

Make sure you have a Private Practice Bullpen to ensure good staffing!

One of the things that we talk about all the time with regard to growing and making sure your private practice has longevity and continued profitability, is staffing.

This is so crucial and so overlooked in all businesses except the most successful. Your private practice is no different.

One of the things you can do to ensure good staffing is to make sure you have a private practice bullpen.

Without any doubt you must have team players that can rotate through the various positions, just like a major-league baseball team.

Simply having basic systems in place along with a fantastic manual and understanding of key positions for your players’ goes along way towards moving your team ahead. Just like in Baseball it can make the difference between first or last place.

One other key point is using the bullpen concept allowing you to rotate your players. Just for fun, periodically try rotating your staff through various positions within the practice.

This prevents job fatigue, keeping your staff fresh and engaged.

Amazingly, it also naturally helps produce practice growth. You’ll find patients responding in kind as well.

Mixing up the routine is great however, just as in major-league baseball good managers must be more specific. You should know the strengths and the weaknesses of all your players.

There may be some players’ that are unable to be the pitcher, as that of course is a highly specialized and skilled position. There are also some that no doubt will excel as your designated hitters.

Even if your practice is small you should have access to people you can call upon in the event of vacations and illnesses etc.

The nice thing about this is it only requires some planning. Make sure you continually set the stage for practice growth.

Unless you have the capacity to pull this off, you’ll find private practice to be way more stressful and far less rewarding

Have you tried the private practice bullpen concept? Let us know your strategy!

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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