Private Practice Building And Your Reputation

Private Practice Building & Reputation Defense

As a private practice owner, just like in any business you need to be very concerned about malicious attacks both on and off-line, most especially in the online arena.

Unless you have systems in place to monitor how your name, your intellectual assets, as well as your practice reputation are defended, you could find yourself doing damage control.

Like it or not it is so easy for the disgruntled patient, perhaps even a competitor or someone you don’t even know to launch malicious attacks against your good work.

Of course we’ve all heard about password theft as well as other online theft. Now I think that private practice owners are particularly easy targets because we often simply are not monitored and thus not protected. This becomes even more important as you develop more places where you were visible online, most especially the social media.

But let’s start with some basics. How often do you search for yourself, and any business or personal assets you have online?

This is a particularly good starting point and it is something we recommend all private practice members such as yourself, be doing on a regular basis. There are also good paid services you may want to consider investing in for reputation defense as well.

This has become such a serious issue, as even paid defense services sometimes are not fool-proof.


We wish you the best along your journeys!

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