Ways to Get More Private Pay Patients for Your Private Practice

You need private pay customers for your private practice. Have you considered these ways to expand your client base?

With the ongoing reduction of insurance reimbursements these days, it makes sense to increase your ratio of private pay patients. But how can your private practice attract more of these types of patients?

First, consider what your own strengths and interests might be. Is there an aspect of professional services you would enjoy providing that doesn’t exist in your current menu of services? What training of yours is going to waste right now? Or, what training would you be willing to undertake in order to expand services? Perhaps this is an opportunity to create a partnership with someone who provides related but different services in your community.

Next, evaluate needs in your community. What doesn’t make sense is to offer services that your target customer simply doesn’t want and won’t pay for. Begin by identifying what your private practice patients are truly looking for and ways to expand or adjust your services accordingly.

The simplest and most effective way to do this is by polling your existing patients. Take the opportunity to ask about specific possible services they may be interested in, as well as to find out what gaps exist in your current services. This is a win-win as far as customer service goes.

Also, take a look at your local competition. What services are your private practice competitors offering? Which ones would make sense for YOUR patients, and how can you improve on what is being offered?

Now, give substantial thought (and discussion with practice managers) around the types of services that fit well with your current practice. Think about services that have medical benefit but aren’t crisis oriented. Are there any services that are purely aesthetic rather than medically necessary that could be offered by your private practice? Could you combine existing offerings with one new offering into a focused package for specific types of patient demographics?

These are the kinds of questions we discuss in our private practice mentoring programs. Click here to learn more about coaching and mentoring for private practice owners.


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