Perfectionism and Your Private Medical Practice

Perfectionism Will Be the Death of Your Private Medical Practice

There’s a Time and Place for Getting It Absolutely Right… But There’s Also A Place for Strategic Experimentation in Private Medical Practice.

Naturally, you strive to provide absolutely the best medical care to your patients without exception. After all, you know that the long-term success of your medical practice is built on a foundation of excellent patient care. But are you wasting your time and energy being a perfectionist about every aspect of your private medical practice?

What if you knew that your private practice could benefit by taking a looser, more experimental approach to certain aspects of the business?

Now, don’t panic. I’m not suggesting that you start providing less-than-stellar medical care to patients, or do anything that would endanger your medical practice. But it’s important to recognize that there are certain components of private practice that allow you to take healthy risks that can provide a huge payoff over time.

Consider which areas of your private medical practice require precise and perfect attention. This will include direct patient care, of course, as well as detail work such as coding and finances. Make a list of those categories of your practice that really do need to stay under a microscope so that your business—and your patients—can thrive.

Now, think about every aspect of your practice that’s not on the “perfect” list. Typically, these are the areas in which you’ve already made an effort to evolve your systems over time, or you’ve found that they have organically expanded and evolved over the years. These areas might include promotional efforts, for example, or productivity. These are the aspects of your private medical practice that aren’t immediately mission-critical but that have the potential to revolutionize your medical practice experience.

And even if sometimes it feels that your practice is a one-person operation, the truth is that no private medical practice is an island. For long-term success, you need collaboration and support from others who have been on this path before you and reached their practice goals. 

I wish you the best along your journeys!

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