You May Not Have The Stomach For The Future of Private Health Care…

Can we talk frankly?

In the last 30 years my generation of docs have first hand witnessed the destruction of one of the pillars of this country, reasonably compensated health care for private practice owners by third parties. Just like I wrote about in Living and Practicing By Design, society suffers greatly when it asks us to give up 7-10 years of our lives to learn to serve and one roadblock after another is put in the way of making a go of it in healthcare outside a big institution.

If you were told when applying to grad school that to be successful start-up in private practice, that you really should hire a marketer, CPA, Bookkeeper, HR Person, attorney, management consultant etc., and oh yeah foot the bill entirely, would you still do it knowing that some tradesman can make more money than you may be settling for from 3rd party payers?

A bit unnerving to say the least.

So here’s the deal, like it or not. Most of the time now a days Private Health Care is a do it for yourself gig! Being fully dependent upon third parties is a pathway to disaster.

The best solution? Find a niche you love, and engage fully in it. Better yet, find two related ones, like neuropathy and private rehab.

Or, do as many have, get out of practice.

It’s up to you!

But to stay in private practice now requires an even bigger team & skill set!

For example, my Private Clients pay a monthly licensing, training  and marketing fee and for that get complete tested marketing pieces for newspaper, radio and TV, web based office training, live webinars, multiple daily posts to assist their own social media (ignore this one at your own peril!), twice weekly emailings to their patients to keep them connected and educated, posts and updates to a unique mobile app (which is fluid and constantly updated by the way), promoted as part of a nationally recognized trademark, and the license to use and be listed in all the above, a monthly trainings and ebook…need I continue?

Above all, private practice requires you have the guts to take calculated risks, and have a real game plan for their implementation and success.

My Private clients gladly pay $1997 month and sometimes THOUSANDS MORE for services privately, because they know the real costs to do this individually would be about 20k/month!!!!

Why, because they have CEO Mentality. They understand that the ROI (return on investment) when all of the steps are implemented is enormous, way more than you may have ever dreamed!

Tell me if that’s NOT one of the reasons you originally chose private health care?

Anything less in today’s private practice arena and you could be toast.

Why not join me on the next 7 Figure Private Practice Blueprint Webinar HERE and learn EXACTLY why you need to take action NOW!

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